Abandoned dog wants to be rescued, but is so scared!

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    It's so cool to see how Blue Bayou evolved from a nervous dog to such a happy dog, but now we need YOUR HELP! Please share her video and help us find her a loving forever home.
    If you can, please become a Hope For Paws member by sending a small donation so we can continue doing this work seven days a week: www.HopeForPaws.org
    Katie and JoAnn handled this rescue beautifully... I know how challenging it is to get the gentle snare over the head of an animal under a car - it's harder than it looks.
    After the rescue, Blue Bayou continued to L.A. Dog Works in Hollywood so she can learn to socialize with other dogs. She was isolated for so long, and I am so happy she really thrived there.
    Now Blue Bayou is ready for her loving forever home, and our friends at It's the Pits will handle her adoption. Please contact them directly to apply to adopt her: www.itsthepits.org
    Thank you so much for your support!

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Marcinha Pink

      Uhauuu amei o carinho e cuidado de vcs com o dog🙏🏽💙🇧🇷🖖🏽🤙🏽

    2. Linda Dixon

      That's a good looking dog and in good shape. I have 3 just like it boxer and pitbull

    3. Phoroclock

      Off subject, but that mechanic shop abandoned a PORCHE there too ?

    4. Deanne Kroeger

      What a beautiful animal and God bless you guys always for saving the dog 🐕❤

    5. catharine morais

      Motherhood of Mary is that the cutest little girl so cute and playful... GOD bless you people that care thank you so much

    6. Bernadette Van der Ploeg

      She is sooo freaking happy!!

    7. Scott Astbury

      What a beaut

    8. Simon Austin

      It honestly breaks my heart how some people can be so damn cruel

    9. Edsel Tan

      Omg! She really smile now

    10. DeityFree Dee

      How could anyone leave such a dog? Humans are so cruel.

    11. Walter Walter

      what a beautiful dog

    12. barbara smith

      Why don't u people micro chip your animals i even do my cat but I think we love our animals more than u do

    13. Heart Mind

      My little rescue pittie had that tiny wag and curled tail at frirst til she realized everything was going to be OK. Bless her heart.

    14. D M

      So grateful for this organization 😢

    15. doliwsef

      Crazy times: people, not dogs, wear muzzles.

    16. Maggie Campbell

      God bless all who save the helpless innocent creatures.

    17. Giannis G


    18. Mia Crei


    19. P Taylor

      She's not so blue with all that motor oil😏

    20. Dorothy kellogg

      When she was playing with her doggy friend at the end of the video and she would roll on her back to get her friend. All I thought was "work smarter not harder!!!"

    21. Jessie Moreno

      Gorgeous dog,. Thank u for rescuing all these precious animals,, Bless u all

    22. Thomas Gonzalez

      3:42 that could've went wrong real quick. Take more precaution.

    23. axiomist

      Little angel . How could anybody just leave her alone? If she couldnt go where Im going, then I dont go .

    24. Eric Necker


    25. Izzie RH

      The Golden Retriever at 6:54 has had her teddy stolen. I know that look.

    26. Brian Underwood

      She is such a sweet dog. She deserves better than to be abandoned. I hope she finds her forever home very soon.

    27. Ramon Arroyo

      You guys are doing a great job keep it up!🙂

    28. Amit Naiknavare

      Thank you so much 🙏

    29. Eileen Pizarro

      What a pretty smile Blue Bayou has.😍👍

    30. Polished Chrome Detail

      I want her!!!

    31. Rose Newton

      Beautiful and sweet

    32. The Ropes of Renovation

      Somebody liked that bath! lol

    33. ozgun karakaya

      Is that the right way to catch the dog? Until he puts the rope around the dog's neck, the animal becomes scared and aggressive.

    34. Rajeev Bhardwaj 07

      Love from india to all of you friends

    35. MO JOE

      I like video. Bad dog become good dog

    36. sadique


    37. The Father

      Such a beauty

    38. Valerie C.


    39. MsTankrat

      Thats a staffy. Best dogs there are.

    40. Irene McNamara

      This dog is starving for attention!

    41. Birger Rieb

      Beautiful animal.

    42. Knightwolf FPV

      How can anyone say no to those eyes.

    43. Mike S

      I couldn’t live with myself doing this to my 4 legged family members.

    44. lolo 59

      Take care of your animals...🙏🏻🙏🏻

    45. Lisa Robson

      She is gorgeous!! So glad she is on her way to a happier future.

    46. Linda Biwer

      Bath time is THEE BEDT !!!!

    47. John A.

      Not sure why she was reluctant to move. It wasn't like she had much of a future under that car.

    48. Robson Canella


    49. Michelle D.

      She is soooooooo cute❣️ How could that guy leave her like that 😩❓

    50. winder zhao

      The better coal echographically yawn because hair regrettably mark abaft a far-flung science. sloppy, colorful hose

    51. S.H.

      What a beautiful dog...so glad that she was rescued. Poor baby.

    52. Three60five

      I could have sworn this dog looks a bit like Churchill

    53. Nina Dillmann

      Тебе малышка, здоровья и доброй семьи желаю ❤️

    54. Nina Dillmann

      Спасибо сердечное Вам, милые добрые люди, за спасение этой красавицы Спасибо огромное, за ваше доброе сердце Здоровья, счастья, любви, удачи Желаю Вам от всего сердца

    55. Александра Романова


    56. Shoot true

      Im on a HFP marathon.

    57. Sample Dude

      what happened to Eldad?

    58. chilliesn pies

      she has the face that you would see in a disney cartoon

    59. KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-

      Your outside why are you wearing a mask??

    60. Denise Munoz Germain


    61. Bhuvana Seshan

      I think HFP should know how valuable they are; how they touch lives...not only animal life ..human life too. I live in India 🇮🇳 and I was so depressed that I just wanted to end it all. A teeny tiny part of me told me to give myself a second chance...but that voice was so feeble I shut it off. One night when I was desperately trying to fight my suicidal thoughts, I chanced upon one of their videos...spent the whole night watching so many of HFP videos... The way these people give broken puppy souls a second chance of life.. I started BELIEVING in second chances.... and I gave myself a second chance. Today, I'm fine , thanks to HFP and their family of pure souls wagging their tails. I have also joined a rescue team. I have found the purpose of my life and I have to thank Hope For Paws for this. ❤

    62. little nan

      That lovely stretch showing you she likes what you are doing. Such a wonderful change in her. So happy now.

    63. pac bowl

      She looks like she's been nursing. Did anyone check for puppies?

    64. mark janssens

      Such beautiful dogs. Thanks for helping them

    65. Poison Potato

      There is a time in Space where this Dog had no hope, and starved to death, you know, Timeline, but luckily we're living in this one

    66. warren gabales


    67. Riki Yamada

      Awesome job guys. What a cutie, & look how happy she was in the end! Thank you for being such kind & loving humans. 🙏🙏🙏

    68. Shirley Schork

      Should make the dogs wear masks! This virus does transfer to dogs! Man made virus and you all are acting as if this is a perfectly normal day! WTF?

    69. Dorje Dradul

      E-motion = energy in motion, four leggeds see everything as energy. It's best to come in with calm energy . . take our time . .

    70. Maddie Tiger16

      My cat ran away a few year back and the only reason I got her back is bc the spca found her and she had a microchip I’m really happy my mom got her chipped 🥰

    71. Sharon Groom

      All those people that just leave a dog behind are heartless and Karma will get them! 😠 Thank God for Rescues like Hope for Paws do these babies can find a loving forever home! 💜

    72. Cyndy Kated

      She is adorable

    73. Madison Brown

      Looks like she was used just for breeding and then abandoned. No use for her after so many litters. Horrible people out there. Very happy she’s been rescued.

    74. Create And Adorn

      I can't believe LA Dogworks is still in business after that disastrous episode of The Profit!

    75. Lucas Fūr

      Those eyes 🥺

    76. Kathy jarvis

      Bette Davis eyes

    77. V G


    78. Z Song

      Dog eyes are so, so revealing.

    79. Z Song

      People who abandon animals are unworthy to ever have another animal again (and probably shouldn't have children either). The world is made a better place by those who are kind and courageous enough to do something!

    80. Nancy Davis

      Loreta & Eldad work so well together on these challenging rescues, indeed!

    81. Nancy Davis

      Lorets has a special talent getting animals to trust her, love you all!

    82. Polly g

      these women do this for the right reason but imo jo ann just has a little more than most when it comes to the bigger dogs in bad shape she just loves on them firstly much sooner than most think its safe and she dont care how scruffy or smelly she goes an loves on them calming them down

    83. Kesley Cottrell

      Gotta love Boxer dogs. We loved ours, she was such a goof. She made us laugh just being her. Miss her everyday.

    84. Michael Dao

      What you guys are doing suchlike Angels. Please keep your dog 🐶 out of the SUN ☀ because will cause dog get SKIN CANCER just like human if spend too much time in the sun especially dogs with short hair like Pit Bull all dogs love to lay down in the sun this not good for dogs skin I have this experience with my dog

    85. Hope Devine

      Hey hopeforpaws rescue can you please fix those youtube rescue videos hopeforpaws please fix count the black kittys rescue video on hopeforpaws fix her rescue and princess the chihuahuas rescue video theo the poodles rescue and Debbie the Golden retriever and puppies as well and that's all of the rescue videos on hopeforpaws that needs too be fix ok love you so much hopeforpaws rescue team

    86. Mary Sutherland

      Hope for Paws is one of the few legitimate rescues. There are so many now they abuse the dogs and set them whatever the fictional story goes.

    87. Mary Feryan

      Aww, she's so beautiful. How heartless of her owners! God have mercy on them! 😞😥

    88. Raika Igarashi

      It's funny seeing those two strong autoshop workers lifting one side of the cage together while she's got the other side on her own 💪😂 anyways such a gentle dog ❤️

    89. Juli Widanta

      What do you mean you couldn’t done it without us? We couldn’t help without your instructions🥺 And theres more Animals to rescue together...!✨

    90. Pete Braven

      What a beautiful transformation!

    91. Liz's Acrylic Nails

      What. Beautiful softie 😩 how anyone could abandon that sweet girl!

    92. Jayse Greene

      Aww what a sweetie!!

    93. Carol byrd

      She is so cute.. what a monster to just throw her away.. people can be so stupid.. dogs are such warriors!!

    94. Wonder Boy

      He looks like Syd Barrett there's a look in his eyes like black holes in the sky

    95. Eddie Good

      So cool. You guys have really helped to restore my faith in humanity. Well done and God bless you all for what you do. xxx

    96. Hope Devine

      Love you hopeforpaws rescue

    97. Fruitcup94

      that is a pretty dog omg

    98. Dave Piper

      McDonald's should sponsor this amazing charity.Them dogs do love a burger.♥️

    99. Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

      what a sweet baby, hope she got/gets the best home ever!