Little dog went to look for a girlfriend and got lost 💔

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. babybluex

      4:40 his helicopter tail😂 i thought he might actually take off lol.

      1. FreshAudio2021

        Omg 😆

      2. J Tr


      3. Brenda Enriquez


      4. DeetsterB

        I did too!!

      5. K9 Education

        I have also rescued a street Dog and I am being tranning her she is very beautiful check her videos on this channel

    2. maria magalhaes

      Deus vos abençoe 🙏

    3. Denise Jeronimo


    4. Leninha Ribeiro

      Fico muito feliz, por ter achado o dono!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    5. Nacho Chitiu

      Too early spaying/ neutering causes serious conditions (endocrinal for one) in later life.

    6. Robert Ordewald

      Was the owner upset when she found out that her little man was no longer a lady's man?

    7. Charlie Pechota


    8. Pretty Boy

      Is that a shih tzu? So cute I want her.

    9. Debra Levesque

      well his mom should learn to have him bathed and groomed, and she have had him fixed already, some kind of a mom?

    10. Jacob Foster

      😂 he was hoping to get with a beautiful husky.. 😂 reminds me of the movie She's out of your league

    11. betty cogswell

      So good to see a happy ending...

    12. Ricky Johnson

      I bet the relationship between Loreta and him doesn't go the distance. The guy filming comes across as a controlling, condescending a-hole. I bet his favorite letter of the alphabet is "I"

    13. Photini Theodorides

      He went from "Boy in Luv" to "Boy with Luv" in 5 minutes

    14. Lloyd Bonifide

      Anyone ever reach violently when they find out you performed elective surgery on their dog without their knowledge or consent? I'd be surprised if you don't eat a fist now and then for that.

    15. Mia Crei


    16. Kuro Kisaki Covers

      I donated 60$ and I hope it helps❤️

    17. Cecil James


    18. MJ Shute

      I came in at about 4-ish, and said hi, but left when no one responded. S'ok, I'm here for your videos!

    19. K. Fuentes

      I hope you were reimbursed and gave that owner and education on neutering.

    20. Ali MAL


    21. Walter Engler

      There was some energy there. But I bet the real jumping about happened when the dog got back to his boy.

    22. Fofoga Leaea

      Yay his mom picked him up!!,

    23. Ashish Naksh Singh

      love the work from india watching you guys from last 3 years

    24. MusicforMe123

      I wouldn't put my face on camera so that 5 million subscribers know what an irresponsible pet owner I am. If it weren't for Eldad and Loretta, her pet could have been another statistic. They are very busy saving pets that have been abandoned, they do not need extra headaches in correcting your mistakes.

    25. Taha Temur

      Sometimes you really got lost...

    26. Jerry Losos

      This woman got very lucky, not sure she is the best parent for Luigi. I hope she at least paid for the neutering and other services. Her little pup would likely have been run over if not for Hope For Paws.

    27. Dave Bielke

      When Loretta shows up you know it's a successful rescue...he's a sweet little guy, I want to give him a big hug

    28. Sean Curran

      Oh wow, he really should have cleaned up if he wanted to pick up a date Another great Hope rescue!

    29. Isabel Freeman

      Loreta: exists 99.9% of stray dogs: and I would trust her with my LIFE

    30. paperinik69

      I am not sure they spayed him well 🙄

    31. Rooiku

      My country does not allow dogs to be neutered without a medical reason

    32. Sheila’s Journey

      Omg! The wagging tail though! 😂😅 so cute! 😍

    33. Big Black Horse Studio

      Love the videos and the work you do. I hope you got the owner’s permission BEFORE you groomed, treated, and neutered her dog though.

    34. Van Admore

      Good for Hope for Paws, but not so good for a weak kneed Mom who should have taken better care of him.

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        ........He had been missing for THREE WEEKS, did you not pay attention to the video? The amount of dirtiness and fur growth, and level of matting for SURE looks consistent with a dog that's been on the streets for nearly a month. The ONLY thing you can truly hold against this woman is not having him neutered, and that's usually from ignorance, not abuse or neglect. There's no denying that she loves that dog and he loves her right back, so give credit where credit is due. ANY animal parent can make mistakes, just the way parents of human children can. The important part is learning the difference between a well-meaning owner who loves their animals but makes a poor judgement call ... and someone who only pretends they care about their animals while only neglecting and abusing them. As someone whose been doing amateur animal rescue work for well over 25 years now (longer if we count helping my parents with animal rescues as a child), I can easily see which of the two this woman is.

    35. Phyllis Nunn

      I don't mean to be rude, but why hadn't his owner neutered him?? I hope she donated.

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        Usually, it's owner ignorance, if they aren't backyard breeders (which doesn't seem to be the case here). In situations like this, the best you can do is turn it into a teaching moment for one of the many important reasons to spay and neuter. Hopefully, if Luigi's brother back at home also isn't neutered, this scenario might be what finally shows the owner why it's so important to do. Not ALL animal parents who lose their furbabies are dummies, after all--some CAN learn! =3

    36. Valerie C.


    37. Dee DeCorte

      I hope this little guy has a home. They don't deserve him!!!!!. Throwing pets away like that makes me sooooooo sad and so sick. They are a part of your family. How can you just throw them away like trash? PETS ARE NOT DISPOSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( So glad he was just lost and not tossed!

    38. Z Z

      There was a time when my female dog wasn't fixed (she was still quite young, barely out of puppyhood, our first dog). It wasn't really a problem in the city, just mopping the floor, but then we went to our summerhouse in the country. When she had her heat there, dogs would come from miles around. One clearly broke off his chain to come. Only after noticing that we have quite a sizeable audience in front of our property did we realize that it's time to do the spaying. It was only a matter of time until somebody left the gate open. Not to mention a whole pack of strange dogs that could bite each other, our dog, us or try to kill the cats in the neighbourhood. Country dogs where I live do not go on walks and do not get any toys. They spend their whole life in the yard and are very territorial and aggressive. Sometimes they roam the town at night, killing cats. So yeah, spaying and neutering is a must.

    39. Thor Sørensen

      It can make me so angry to see people treat dogs that way. But at least we have people who want to help dogs now I come from Denmark and we do not have that problem unless they run out of the garden but it does not happen time and then it is only for a day if it takes so long

    40. foxy love

      Ngl he kinda looks like PD

    41. victoria noble

      No chick will look at him after the haircut Loretta gave him anyway 🤣🤣

    42. Eileen Shea

      The mayor of my city's cocker spanial was a male who found my girl shitzu who was in heat. This turned out badly. I had my girls in the car and he followed us, totally unknown to me, and was hit by a car and killed. The mayors wife came to my house and screamed at me. She had no idea how heartbroken 💔 I was and still am 45 years later.

    43. Mari Lankarani

      God bless

    44. Jos Wong

      I really want to know why there are no recently rescue in your video list , mostly videos I watch happened few years ago that all I have seen before.

    45. Jessica Pearcr

      im so glad you guys are doing something about this.

    46. Just Ho

      Good people are the best👍👍👍❤

    47. Izzie RH

      "He was neutered and was happy...."

    48. hoghead

      I hope the owner reimbursed you.

    49. KeithH02

      If Hope for Paws ever came to rescue me, one thing sure to get me out of a hole is a sniff of Loreta's burger.

    50. valerie mcdowall


    51. Gary H

      Beautiful doggo

    52. Manfred Richthofen

      3 weeks, all my hair would turn gray

    53. Lsingson 01

      Careless owner

    54. theinkbrain

      He should not have been returned to this owner.

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        @theinkbrain Did you miss the REALLY clearly-explained part where it said this dog had been missing for THREE FUCKING WEEKS? Because lemme tell you, brother--a dog will ABSOLUTELY look that awful after being lost on the streets for nearly a month. The ONLY mistake this owner made was in not having him neutered--and here's some news for ya; LOTS of people who truly love their animals don't realize just how important it is to have their dog spayed/neutered. And guess what? a LOT of them can be taught and can learn, rather than just demonizing them all as these supposed heartless monsters who don't give a shit about their dogs. With as many ACTUAL abused and neglected dogs as there are without homes who DO need help, you have a lot of FUCKING gal to try and turn a situation like THIS into one of them.

      2. theinkbrain

        @SchismBlacksoul If I had taken such bad care of my dog as these people, the answer would be yes. But that is a hypothetical. I take good care of my dogs, whereas these maggots did not.

      3. SchismBlacksoul

        So if you lost YOUR dog, is THAT the sort of judgment call you'd want them to make? To arbitrarily decide, without a shred of evidence, that you don't deserve to have your baby back, no matter how much you love and miss them? Beyond not having him neutered, this was CLEARLY a very well-loved dog. His reaction to seeing his mom again (and her reaction to seeing him) should have made that obvious. Not ALL dogs that become lost come from bad homes where they're mistreated and unloved, and it's REALLY fucking shitty of you to just automatically assume something like that, when there's PLENTY of evidence that this wasn't one of those cases. You're bad and you should FEEL bad.

    55. Mika Mika

      If I was the owner I would have sued you for neutering my dog!!! Not every owner wants a neutered dog. Just because she ran away once doesn't mean he deserves to be neutered. Very weird and inappropriate choice on your part especially knowing the owner. 👎👎👎

    56. smiler

      The potential puppies though lol

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        Sure, so even MORE dogs in kill shelters can get put down, as we contribute even further to animal over-population. Yeah, GREAT idea. =/

    57. Wei Sun

      Are you allowed to neuter the dog before finding the owner and without owners concent?

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        Legally, yes. Especially when we live in a country where kill shelters still exist and dogs get continually put down in order to make room for new strays. All because people don't spay and neuter their fucking animals.

    58. Richard Mtx

      Of 🇲🇫 C'est trop Beau C'est merveilleux 👍👏👏👏👏

    59. diecast jam

      Wouldn't it be funny if they had whipped it's wee knackers off and it turned out to be a champion breeder that the owner charged 1000's for stud, I mean they don't say if they sought permission from the owner to operate on the dog id they didn't it's a bit presumptuous.

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        Seeing as how his being "intact" is what made him get lost in the first place, I'd say it was justified in this case. The likelihood of the scenario you describe happening is a one in a million shot, quite frankly. Most of the time it's either careless backyard breeders (which I don't think this owner was) or people who are just ignorant of why spaying and neutering is so important.

    60. F. Zappa

      What a fantastic toss, Eldad! [2:09]

    61. Louise Parker

      Loreta's an actual legend at rescue ;-o Go Loreta!

    62. Carol Kristian

      Spay and neuter! Then your dog won't want to escape like this guy.

    63. Tracy Vasa

      Ure both amazing!


      You both are the BEST TEAM ever! I always watch your videos at the end of the day to make me happy!!! I live on the opposite side of the country and I'm a monthly donator. However, I've never seen so much dedication, compassion and love as Hope for Paws. Please do not get me wrong, every rescue is sooo special. You should be a rescue ambassador in marketing and video for other rescue centers. I always have happy tears! thank you for all you do!

    65. Tran The Cutest


    66. Maina BORUAH

      love u all. u all doing very good work. love from Assam india

    67. Trần Thế

      I would like to see this planet 🌎 only good people with a great heart ❤️ to help and save the animals

    68. Julia Phillips

      I hope she takes better care of him He's obviously not had a bath in a very long time

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        Yeah, that KINDA tends to happen when you've been living on the streets for THREE WEEKS, like it says in the video. =/

    69. TGWCL

      Don’t wear the useless 666-masks, pls!!! 😡

    70. Julia Phillips

      Spay and neuter It's not a funny video Most get hit by cars

    71. cok man

      I can relate

    72. Kami Conradi

      The fallacious laugh postsurgically preach because wine rahilly buzz without a ubiquitous booklet. elastic, black-and-white radiator

    73. Alec Rojas

      This title sounds like my life

    74. Rebecca Bryant

      Reminds me of my Bo. Bo just recently passed at 16 years old.

    75. Kraals

      It's a good thing Luigi was rescued because he was in danger. My problem is that in six months he'll probably look the same way as when they picked him up.

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        And you know that HOW...? Pay closer attention to the video--he hadn't just gotten out, he had been missing for THREE WEEKS. The amount of fur matting and grime on him is definitely consistent with being out on the streets for that amount of time. And I say that as someone whose spent the entirety of their adult life (and a huge chunk of their childhood, too), rescuing stray animals off the streets.

    76. Anarina TV

      The tail wag at the end :)

    77. Tracy Dion

      Loreta God gave you a gift!

    78. Rosalynne Sampson

      So this is why there are sooo many abandoned stray animals in LA....people like this dogs owner who do not desex their pets and also ..seemingly....very lax in looking after them....he could have been hit by a car... she should actually give a contribution to this foundation..equal to cost of rescue grooming and vet treatment..... at the very least

      1. Rosalynne Sampson

        @SchismBlacksoul sorry...she should still pay for neuter and rescue treatment...why should rescue people...and their for this dogs rescue expenses. I would be more than happy to pay if this were my dog. Still surprised no one picked up dog much earlier...if a dog is "lost" on streets here it would be picked up and returned very quickly. Spay/neuter/microchip/innoculate...not rocket science!!!!!! I am very glad to see him returned to his owner...🤗

      2. SchismBlacksoul

        .....He was missing for three weeks, he hadn't just been lost that same day. Pay closer attention to the video, please. A dog would ABSOLUTELY look that awful if they were lost on the streets for nearly a month. Hold the owner accountable for the mistake she ACTUALLY made (not getting him fixed), and not just blindly assume other things as well.

    79. 柯绝摇柯绝摇


    80. dana smith

      omg Loretta drives me nuts. Use your brain Loretta...who feeds a dog on the road?

    81. Erin In The Adirondacks - Erin Klossner

      He got neutered, that’s always a plus.

    82. Erin In The Adirondacks - Erin Klossner

      I’m so happy for mama, and Bambino!

    83. TOP 7 KIDS

      Poor little darling, how can someone be so heartless SNF let this darling suffer, and l hope she/he finds a family who will care for this cute - God bless them and watch over them and bring the dog back to health, she/he has suffered too much, no more suffering

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        .....You didn't watch the video to the end, did you?

    84. Sunrise1dawn

      It did look like he was a bit neglected though .. that was more than three weeks of matting and he hadn't been neutered. I wish owners realised it can be expensive to care for any pet and to be sure they do their very best for their animals; putting them first... 🐈🐩🐕

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        Uhhhh, gonna hafta chime in here, as someone whose dog has that exact kind of fur. If I'm having a bad mental health week, it can sometimes be awhile before my poor girl gets properly brushed/trimmed/bathed (and sure, feel free to shame me for that). In two weeks, my daughter's coat can EASILY end up almost as narly-looking as this little fella looked. And mind you ... mine is an INDOOR dog, let alone being out of the filthy streets for three weeks straight. If he was in the "looking a little messy" stage before he got lost, he could VERY easily and believably be that awful-looking by the time he was found. As someone whose seen (and rescued) ACTUAL neglected long-coat dogs ... yeah, this guy ain't it. He was rough-looking but nowhere NEAR what could be called neglected.

    85. Yoite

      It makes me so happy when they're reunited with their owners!! 😭

    86. Tran The Clever

      I could come here in the worst day, but I'll always leave the channel with a great smile in my face. ❤️ Thank you! 🙏

    87. SharonGD1120

      So Adorable !!!

    88. kitana love

      wonder if they charged the owner for the neuter? shouldn’t they have found the owner first

    89. Austin

      Unless he wasn't micro chipped and checked right away, I would have been happy they found my dog but so mad at how they cut his hair from how it was before lol

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        He had THREE WEEKS worth of dirt and matted fur from being on the street. I highly doubt that's the condition he was in when they last had him.

    90. Trần Thế

      Hi! Where is this place?!? One day when I am older I wanna go to places with lots of strays and rescue them. This place looks like cat heaven lol

    91. — • L e o • —

      *helicopter dog intensifies*

    92. Jackson Rathb

      If Loreta was President she'd be Baberaham Lincoln! Is she single????? She's awesome!!! I'm in San Diego and going to start a rescue channel of my own!

    93. TOP 7 KIDS

      Which is the cutest cat ever?Everyone is perfect!!!

    94. Tran The Cutest

      Please, consider making a donation using the USfilm Giving button to the right below. Thank you so much for your kindness during this difficult time.

    95. Darling Doggo

      1:30 look at that sweet lil face...

    96. Trần Thế

      Aww, such an adorable precious cotton fur ball😻😻😽I'm thinking of a name....🤔💙

    97. Tran The Clever

      Once in the cage, she’s like-“Wait. This may not suck after all.” 💕

    98. Trần Thế

      Why did people dislike this!?!? They are rude.

      1. S Navillus

        @George*50 , I agree

      2. George*50

        @Manfred Richthofen He was lost. Not dirty or neglected. He looked super cute when they found him. If you ever get lost, lets hope nobody cuts your balls off.

      3. Manfred Richthofen

        @George*50 is it better to leave the animal dirty?

      4. George*50

        Because they shaved and neutered someone else's dog without even waiting 2 days to find the owner.

    99. TOP 7 KIDS

      THIS is the reason why I became a patreon of Victor Larkhill, his incredible vet team, surgeons that always goes above and beyond anything in their effort to save a life. Victor Larkhill and his team are Angels doing the work of God on earth for all theese precious animals..... My best wishes to theese two adorable innocent little souls for a speedy recovery to live the life they were meant to live..I will donate, even if I can not afford it...

      1. SchismBlacksoul

        .....This isn't Viktor Larkhill's channel. Jesus, lady, if you're gonna leave automated bot replies, at LEAST post them on the right fuckin' channels.

    100. Trần Thế

      He still looks a little lost with all the cuddling. Hopefully he'll learn to enjoy it more once he has a loving foster care and a loving forever home.

      1. Perpetual Bystander

        Eh, did you actually watch the video? 'Cause if you did, you'd know that he actually has an owner who picked him up at the vet.