Scared homeless dog had big dreams - watch to see if they came true!

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    Thank you L.A Animal Rescue for finding him the best home!! I am so happy to see him so happy!!
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. catharine morais

      That is super super sweet... Such a cutie... Ahhhhg thank you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐕🐕

    2. Kris V. Bernard


    3. Jim Perry

      what a happy dog! well done.

    4. Johan Iskandar

      Spoilers: At the end, whoever who is asking, yes dog have dreams like human

    5. Denise Jeronimo


    6. Жизнь по новому

      Какой красивый пёс ему круто повезло !!!

    7. Thila M

      Poor baby, was so scared. Anyway m happy Eldad rescued him. You are kind.

    8. Mia Crei



      amore piccolo caro lui !!!! che bello vederlo felice e grazie tanto a quelle belle persone !

    10. Kimmarievanever Vanever

      All dogs and cats should know the safety and comfort of a loving furever home and a sofa to call their own away from the life of scavenging for food and the fear of living alone in the big loud world out there especially for little guys like Rudy..a lovely happy ending 🇬🇧💞🐾🐾🐕🐕👍👍🙏🙏👏👏

    11. Joanne Rauenzahn


    12. Janis DeLuca

      That is one smart dog! He knew they were all gonna turn him in! Hey all worked out!

    13. Musical Queen

      Children of the future age ❤, Reading this indignant page, Know that in a former time Love, sweet love, was thought a crime. Plz Subscribe My Channel 😍 Keep Supporting Guyz, Love U All ❤

    14. The Father

      What a beautiful dog. I love it when the dogs know they finally found safety and happiness.

    15. ЁЁ

      these fat men could share their food with the dog! it would be good for their figure!

    16. ЁЁ

      Ой ёй! Этим толстякам полезно было бы поделиться с собачкой порцией еды! И даже целяком отдать, только на пользу бы пошло!

    17. Valerie C.


    18. Judy Salley

      If you dislike their videos why are you here?

    19. Rhonda Adams

      Love the video. Beautiful little dog. Happy that he now has a loving family.

    20. Marusca Facchinetti


    21. A.M. X Dignidad

      Es un buen trabajo 👍👍👍

    22. 吉田和子


    23. BB B

      U r so gentle it makes me cry

    24. Kim Iversen

      Bless you 🙏

    25. Annieo

      Living his best life!

    26. lindsay Caress

      So happy x TY

    27. Peter2017

      good stuff thats all animals need love and care

    28. jeremy weekes

      He kind of looks like one of my dogs. Don't know if he's the same breed as mine though. I've got 2 Cavalier King Charles X Pug. The eldest of my two has more dominant Cavalier features, ie longer snout & facial features, but has the wrinkles on her forehead & a curled over tail. This little guy in the video seems to have wrinkles in his forehead & a curled over tail as well. I'm thinking he might be a cross between a Pug & a Jack Russell or something like that.

    29. Adrian Matengu

      he is sooooo cute

    30. cyclesmoking

      Great job!

    31. Joyce Gibbs

      the power of love eh?

    32. Janice Sullivan

      Thank you to all the workers who fed and protected Rudy, and then contacted Help for Paws. God bless all of you. He leads a life by the beach that many humans would dream of.

    33. Marie Carole

      Rudy living like a king ... with his queen ... like all animals should.

    34. Guiller

      Gracias por su gran labor ❤❤❤❤👍

    35. Carol Kristian



      Who was the idiot laughing in the background?......Only a few men out of the crowd had compassion, the rest looked like stupid robots who couldn’t give a stuff...

    37. Isabelle Nicaud

      Jackpot !

    38. havin fun doin nothin

      I watch your videos all the time love what u guys do.

    39. Adomas Fiseris

      The unruly reindeer broadly trouble because farm unprecedentedly man alongside a thundering river. same, utopian engineering

    40. Heidrun Killius-Birk

      Was für ein Glück der kleine Kerl doch hat.

    41. jacquelyn lopena

      Awww super cute i almost cry😭

    42. Haza

      Guys is it that hard to double click on a video. If everyone does it that’s nearly double views and more money

    43. Valerie Douglas

      donate to this great cause. I use my visa card to donate every month. Give $5.00 you will never miss it.

    44. lex johnson

      Can we also appreciate how Dotties life seemed to change too! She’s probably got an extra few years with that young life keeping her active. Love it!!

    45. Carolyn Jonas

      I did not even have to watch the video to know his dreams came true. You all are amazing. I did watch the video though :)

    46. Awakeinidy

      I love how you show the rescue , baths, and new homes. Rudy is sooo cute!

    47. Su Wan

      dog had big dreams? you kidding me?

    48. Erdenetsetseg Khuderchuluun


    49. Danish Moonrock

      seemed like professionals worked at that company

    50. Night Mizuki

      You all have a good heart, thank you so much your a great person❤️

    51. Hant Andors


    52. Gesuina Reize

      Thank you

    53. Drew Earthling

      Speaking in staccato terms, or fast talking, and also using the sssshhhuusjin, or a hissing sound, is scary to any form of animal is unacceptable. You need to learn these simple facts and act in a more calm way when dealing with the most vulnerable creatures of our planet.

    54. Sofia Tsypin

      I got my dog from a similar shelter you mentioned before called wags and walks about 8 months ago there was a lot of pitbull puppies and I got steve

    55. Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

      yay for Rudy aka Scooter!!

    56. Alice Burk

      What sweet little pup seeing sand and playing with his friend

    57. Delano Moll

      wtf wrong w these ppl evrbby staring at me

    58. A. NC.

      Why is the dude taking off the mask to walk closer to the guy coming to rescue 🤦

    59. Jerry Mabie

      I have been a longtime viewer and think you do great work. but since you started the pop-up Donate now window and require your viewers to click every time is wrong. I have unsubscribed

    60. Allan Amaya

      😦 Why on earth would this vid have 100 thumbs down ???👎 these people don’t care about hurt animals? 😪😑

    61. Anthony Ho

      Im amazed how many things Eldad can carry: a camera, chicken, and a net.

    62. priyanka tonk

      Love love love ❤️❤️❤️

    63. Robin Wheeler

      Rudy looks like he's thriving in his new environment. Another great Hope For Paws rescue.

    64. jaamaan123

      Excellent !!

    65. cherie goodwin

      9/10 big burly men with hearts of gold...

    66. Lucas Nutzhorn

      i have a dog who looks exactly like this one named Rudy

    67. Newt Byrd

      All the guys treated this pooch pretty well

    68. maria magalhaes

      Deus vos abençoe 🙏 obrigada.

    69. ruth payot

      Thanks for all the love

    70. Mike Williams

      who in the world would give this a thumbs down??????????????

    71. shanya jacobs

      That food commercial before the video is what they WANT America to become.. beaten down, taken over by NWO and reduced to a third world dependent on corrupt government to even live. As for the video they do a great job ... And it is segment of indifferent, selfish cruel sub human race that does this to animals.

    72. cad pi channel


    73. Klust413

      Happy to see copyright free music without the tags in the description saying my view will go to some other company

    74. auttie

      P L E A S E - donate to this organization and even if it’s five dollars. Imagine if all of these subscribers donated a dollar what a difference it could make.

    75. Lynne Trathen

      I hope the workers get to watch this video 🥰

    76. Heather Shana Burke

      Thank you so much for rescuing Scooter/Rudy. Thrilled that he's in his forever loving home. This video , really put a smile on my face and in my heart.

    77. Drew Earthling

      Still making hissing sounds at scared dogs. Hissing is never a good thing for any animal.

    78. Storm Official

      Somebody plss tell me what's a micro chip?

    79. pastorpresent1

      They Always enjoy the warm bath and being patted dry.

    80. auttie

      Donating was the easiest thing that I’ve done and I’m so grateful for what these people do.

    81. Helen Du

      Oh my gosh! He's the spitting image of our second last dog. He was a Jack Russell X Dachshund. Feisty and full of beans. Funny little character he was. I still miss him so much 😞

    82. Sophie Hawthorne

      We have homed three ex breeding dogs all damaged physically and psychologically in the puppy mill industry. We also foster other pups to get them used to living in a house with humans as many of them aren't house trained and are terrified of people. Our two now laid back schnauzers Luna Moon Bear and Rocky Rockstar teach them humans can be kind. It hurts my heart to know there are so many animals in desperate need of homes. Please adopt, don't shop ❤️

    83. Velma Mendoza

      Wow, in just a month Scooter/Rudy got is forever home..

    84. 海風

      又一匹のワンちゃんが救われたんですね。 良かった💓見ていてこちらの心も温かくなりました。

    85. 5610winston

      That moment when a rescue dog realizes his luck has changed for the better...

    86. Achdujeh

      I really do appreciate the work of Hope for Paws, but honestly all this 'it's okay' in a high-pitch panic mode voice and that hissing like a snake stresses me out and certainly didn't calm the dog. Just say nothing. The dog is caught and safe and will calm down by itself.

    87. yvonneost12

      Nice .

    88. DivineMizE

      what a great life! well done team!

    89. Stewie Griffin

      Almost makes me teary eyed everytime watching such cute innocent doggos feeling so helpless. Hope for paws,hands down to you guys,you are literally god's gift to humanity and doggos. Tons of love and wishes from India.

    90. Lisa Craigo

      Hi i love your channel keep doing wat you do because its amazing

    91. Maria Nogueira Bastos

      Qto amooor...meu Deus👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    92. Noelene Morrison

      I'm so glad Rudy has a family, mum, dad and sister.

    93. aa vv

      Rudy is soooooo happy!

    94. Robert Farr

      Well at least they didn’t bring soy burgers this time.

    95. Susan Behring

      Beautiful ending.

    96. Samantha mother of cats

      So happy little guy found the perfect loving forever home! ❤

    97. Brenda Quattlebaum

      It's always awesome to see the transformation!

    98. Phoenixs Svjetlana