Mom protects babies with her body after one was stolen!!!

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    Just when you will think this rescue is over, you will find out that it's NOT! Mama Jade knew something was wrong, but she didn't know how to tell me that someone stole one of her babies!!! This one will require watching until the end.
    Life is so hard for homeless animals, and when puppies are added to the equation, it's just a nightmare! This story could have ended terribly in so many ways, but because Stephanie Brooks (who was visiting from New Jersey) knew to call Hope For Paws, this story has an incredible ending.
    If you can, please join our team with a monthly donation of $5. It may not seem like much to you, but it adds up and that's what enables us to really do amazing things for these animals.
    For 16 cents a day, you will give so many more animals the happiness you will see at the end of this video - please sign up here: (and you can also fill an application to adopt Jade or Amber or Amethyst or Torquoise or Diamond or Ruby or Topaz or Emerald).
    If you can't donate at the moment, please share the video with a friend of a family member who may be able to help us save more lives.
    Thank you so much!
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. E4T6

      Kinda didn't wanna cry this morning, but, oh well.

      1. shataka's world

        well look at me now

      2. siobhan Pilsworth

        E4t6 I’m already 😭 I cant believe one died :(( I feel so bad for the puppy How do you think the puppy 🐶 died

      3. Iara MAY

        hahaah. Me too, poor little puppy.

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      5. Alexa Rea

        I AM IN LANDEN

    2. Yi Tian

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    3. Carolyn Talbot

      All dogs need love from humans ❤️

    4. Vonciel Russell

      Just precious

    5. Michelle Bilodeau

      Your work is vital. Thank you do much for sharing it with us.

    6. Maria Luisa Latina

      GOD bless you all rescuers!


      I love rescuing animals!

    8. catharine morais

      They all so beautiful.. Mommy is soooo happy... GOD bless you people that care for God's creation

    9. Loretta Statton

      Great Job!!! I wish you guys could come to my town! PS I hate Frank Kava

    10. Alleria Diaz

      What happend to Citrine?

    11. Creuza Miguel

      Parabéns pelo ó trabalho dê vocês quê Deus abençoe sempre

    12. Miriam Bertram

      I love this channel but why wear a f****** mask when there is no one else around except the man you live with?

    13. David

      That’s one mummy who will not abandon her babies, it’s a pity her owners did abandon her. Some humans are disgraceful. Wonderful hope for paws

    14. Deanne Kroeger

      RIP puppy 🐕❤

    15. Deanne Kroeger

      Thanks for saving the puppies and Mother and God bless you guys always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    16. Stéphanie Lizard

      Pauvres petits cœurs 💕 merci aux sauveurs

    17. Edita Aguirre

      Beautiful puppies n adorable mama dog.Thank you for taking care of them. God bless to everyone.

    18. Julia Aveline-Rabenjoro

      Me: Oh I've watched this one before! It was so good I'll just watch it again :) Also me: Hold on HOLD ON!! I HAVEN'T LIKED THIS YET?! HOW COULD I?! **likes**

    19. Lovespitbulls

      I hope the neighbor who took a puppy was able to get one the proper way.

    20. ParArdua

      I think the neighbour was trying to help by taking a baby to rear. She made a human mistake. Not all motives are malaevolent.

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    23. Hi At all

      I know y’all are mad at the girl taking her but remember, she did feel guilt, and did give it back.

    24. Eliu Guerrero

      Angel's is everywhere!!

    25. yuliana karesina

      wait what is eye black?- hey you like is like-49RB cool nice

    26. Jeff Davies

      It may not have been an easy and good life, but it would have been life, That beautiful little puppy never got the chance to live hers. It's such a hard life for these poor animals, finding enough food to survive is hard enough for just the adult, when she has puppies it becomes exponentially more difficult, add to that the stress of day-to-day living. It's a miracle pups survive at all. It made me cry and th end made me happy. A roller-coaster, These wonderful people are angels.

    27. RealWarDog

      May Citrine Rest Peacefully, let them meet one day, She is a great mother and you guys are great people.

    28. RA1NM4N978

      Good looking pups and mama. They seem so happy as if they were never abandoned b4. I kno they will go to a loving family. The

    29. vidun dasanayake

      i watched a 55 second add for you guys👍

    30. Timothy Chung

      This mama dog is an alpha girl... and her head tilts are a rarity.

    31. The Ropes of Renovation

      Good neighbor to realize the puppy was too young to be taken and gave the puppy back.

    32. Janice Cowan

      Want so badly. Been waiting 40 yrs for a dog. Lots of other animal rescue in those years. Elderly and or disabled will suit me ❤️

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    34. Brian Delaney

      Beautiful mom with soulful , sad eyes. God love her

    35. Dreyden

      I love you guys

    36. Catherine Rosengren

      For all the rescues I have watched I love that you take the time to help them in the beginning ***

    37. Sadiw Abdulzade


    38. Hindustani Killer gamer

      i like this types of videos but i cryed

    39. Holly Penman

      omg there was an add before the vid a usual and it was abot pigs being sabused at as certyain fdarm

    40. Rita Marita

      Thank you for your kindness and loving them ❤️

    41. مهند

      Moms, in all species, are the best. This mom wasn't happy and relaxed until after she realized her babies were safe 💚

    42. Soledad Gonzalez

      Que Dios los Bendiga por esa bonita labor y por el amor que le dan estos Ángelitos. Perdón no vi si le daban comida A la mamá. Y no se vio que pasó con el bebé muerto. 🙏🙏😇😇😄😋❤️❤️👍.

    43. J Mc

      Mom looked so happy at the end 😆


      1 was stolen because of there cuteness.

    45. PRO gamer

      Fun fact every time when you pick up your call you put it at your right side on ear

    46. Daniel Su

      Anyone can tell what’s the breed of Jade? thanks

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      A beautiful rescue 💓💓💓

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      Perfect 🥰🥺

    52. ava lee's adventures


    53. ava lee's adventures

      u need to see this fake other channel THEY LET A PUPY DIE TO A KING KOBRA BITE THEN SHOWED THERE FIRST VET VISIT

    54. Linda Fox-Lesh

      God bless all of you.

    55. CarpeDiem

      They are so cuteeee🤩😍. I wish i could adopted one...but am living so farrr from your country..but my pray goes for you all😇😇😇. Be healthy and happy, sweetie pies🤗🤩😍😘

    56. CarpeDiem

      Loretta is really a Dog Whisperer😍😘🤗 So sad the other baby could not make it😢😢..but happy brothers and sisters and the mom are well and saved now🤗🤗🤗😘. God bless you all...🤗😘

    57. YAGN PATEL

      You guys winning heart' 👍😭

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    59. AnimalSTEP Official

      God bless you, sweetie!

    60. Nina Savage

      Everytime! I watch these videos with this guy I can't stand his annoying bossy voice! He tells everyone what to do in every video,

    61. peedeenoodie

      My favorite videos is from your rescue organization & my favorite ones are the puppy rescues. Keep up the amazing work!

    62. isabella steitz

      the momma dog when they were putting the rest of the litter i to the crate ❤️❤️❤️

    63. Kyla Breadman

      Idk why but I find it really sad how many young animals are being separated from their families so they can be given to people as pets. I wish there were a way for the parents and the children to stay together

    64. Alisa Phillip

      I think the puppy that died might've died from lack of oxygen or Jade, accidentally squished Citrine. I don't know but I'm just saying this. Also who is Turquoise? There is Topaz no Turquoise. She\He was not on the name list.. I know how it feels.. My dog died at the age of 8 his name is Cinnamon.. I love animals and this channel really brings Cinnamon back to me.💖💖🐶 I'm crying right now😢 💖

    65. Nicolas Pacheco

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    67. Lindsey Calton

      That was so heartbreaking seeing her with the dead puppy. Thank u guys so much u r their angels

    68. Maokgxiu7422 Maokgxiu7422

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    69. Aaron Waite

      Sad 😢 for the mama

    70. Ninna jacobsen

      Such a good mama ❤️❤️

    71. Connie Fatheree

      You didn't have time for a cheese burger!?

    72. Camille Rodriguez

      This is why i wanna have a rescue center! They are so precious! Animals deserve to be treated better It breaks my heart to see them in such conditions😭❤ I love hope for paws they are amazing! Take care yall!❤

    73. E P Júnior

      Obrigado por salvá-los! Deus os abençoe!

    74. The Paladin

      True love transcends all things and by it the universe was made who can know it’s depths.

    75. winder zhao

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    76. Audrey stevens

      Seems to me all of them will be "stolen." Does it make dogs sad when there babies are taken from them to be adopted out?

    77. Little Wolf

      This was a almost a easy rescue and your almost 5M subs!

    78. Doggy And Kitty

      i would watch more but i don’t wanna cry

    79. Doggy And Kitty

      bless u ty for saving jade and her puppy’s ur the best and kindest ever so happy the puppy’s and jade are ow a happy family and hope jade will be such a great mother

    80. Mahmood Sheet

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    81. rantaro amami

      Her baby was stolen by death D: *Im crying now*

    82. winder zhao

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    83. WASHINGTON Hunky

      i cried as well :( that’s so kind to save puppies and animals like that :D

    84. Huang Ping

      I want to cry...

    85. Lilliz91

      It’s good that the lady corrected her mistakes, but i guess she thought she could get an cheap puppy.

    86. shataka's world

      thw fact that she carried around her poor little dead baby made me wanna cry:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(:(:

    87. InvokeThought22

      Love Loretta’s kind heart

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    89. Varsha

      I want to know that you help these cuties internationally ?????

    90. Precious playz

      i feel so bad for jade and the puppies i have a VERY VERY VERY soft spot for dogs epsacily german shepards

    91. Nelly Colmenares

      Tengo una perrita de 2 años m la encotre tirada en la calle cm d 1 mes agonizando .no aguante la tristeza la agarre y me la traj a mi casa y aqui esta cn migo.

    92. Nelly Colmenares

      Amo tamto alos peros q de verdad son mi unica familia fiel.

    93. Yoj Athousand

      I love you so much Hope for Paws. ❤❤❤ God bless you guys ❤

    94. Three60five

      Taking a day old puppy home because you think its a teddy bear? You gonna feed with steaks and mash potatoes? Are you kidding? I will withhold more comments because its going to be nasty!

    95. ꧁Maisie _ Moss꧂

      Yes it was wrong to steal the puppy but that lady was a hero to admit to stealing and bring it back. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅʕ •́؈•̀ ₎ ❤︎ ☀︎︎ P.S this video made my day brighter ☀︎︎ ☻︎

    96. J T

      What a lovely Mama dog and such a gentle character too ,bless her shielding her pups but showing no aggression to Eldad and helpers. I don't understand why she didn't have any human Mum or Dad. Hope she gets a good home aswell as her pups 🐾😁

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    99. Armenia Ferreira

      Maravillosa la madre jugando con sus hermosos cachorritos! Dios los bendiga por el recate y cuidar de la madre y sus angelitos peluditos.🙏😍💝🐶❤🐕🐕❤🐕🐕💝🐕🐕💝🐕😘🌹🌸🌺

    100. bharath's All in one

      The best thing what you did was, you took that puppy for cremation🙏