Owner abandons a dog with all her belongings in an industrial area.

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    We just posted more videos on our #HopeForPaws website: www.HopeForPaws.org
    If you would like to adopt Shania, please contact our friends at L.A Animal Rescue: www.LAAnimalRescue.org
    Thank you Loreta Frankonyte and JoAnn Wiltz for getting her safely to safety!
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. UsernamesForDummies

      I simply don’t understand people. If you cannot take care of your pet anymore, bring it to a shelter. At least that way it has a slight chance of finding another forever home. Don’t let it fend for itself! Cruel bastards.

      1. Holly Penman

        the good owneres are not the people that keep there pets but dont take proper care of them the good owners take them to shelter where they are safe

      2. LorDruda!

        Try to just give the dog to someone who can take care of it

      3. Lester Magnuson

        This probably why they left it at this warehouse, hoping someone would take care of her, maybe they didn't want to risk her getting sent to a kill shelter, a lot of people don't take their pets to a shelter like the SPCA, the SPCA wants 90 dollars to take an unwanted pet if they had 90 bucks they'd probably keep her

      4. Jessica Hubbard

        I think that we need to stop shaming people who bring dogs to shelters because, I’ve seen it many times shelters post about owners bring their dogs in. When that’s what we WANT people to do. We don’t know peoples situations that would cause them to get to the point they need to get rid of their animals. We need to encourage people who bring their animals to shelters instead of shaming them so we prevent these situations.

      5. Joe

        To give your dog the best chance put an adoption ad on Craigslist...better than a shelter..

    2. Cathy Hunnnicutt

      The person that did this to her needs to be in jail and fined 10,000. Evil Devils

    3. Melissa Weaver


    4. John Raymond

      The spotty riverbed intraspecifically man because decade intrestingly impress for a squealing pound. tacit, truculent passbook

    5. Denise Jeronimo


    6. Kendra Bonds

      So ridiculous to weat a mask outside let alone when it s over 100+degrees.. masks come off March 1st

    7. Fofoga Leaea

      Aww such a cutie..glad they picked her up happy happy ending ☺ 😊

    8. Jolene Redrobin

      There's no better feeling than giving a rescue dogs a forever home, 19 years and still loving it

    9. Ronald Williams

      One of the things that i love about dogs is as long as they get love food and attention it doent matter who gives it to them .

    10. Sunita R

      How can anybody leave such a cute dog

    11. Mia Crei


    12. PeaceKeeper

      What was Loreta remembering from 2:07 to 2:15?

    13. Laren Hijazi

      I love you videos, I also love how you take care of them, I also wish I could I can donate but my mom will not let me.

    14. therofthew

      The change on the face of kitties and doggies once they know they’re safe is just remarkable... I’m so happy for them Animal lover here!!

    15. Emmanuel Julien66

      There is something supernatural between JoAnn and pets.

    16. everylittlebreeze

      i have a little Chihuahua, when this little one was found her tail was really low, and after her shower and a cuddle her tail was lifted...so good to see. thank you

    17. mauricefenti

      kill theese people

    18. Holly Penman

      how she so calm

    19. MarkoDeLaVoota

      thx for taking off that IDIOTIC mask , even dogs don’t get it πŸ™„

    20. MO JOE

      Ladies help the dumb dog 😊

    21. Valerie C.

      Take care and stay safe

    22. Valerie C.


    23. John Boyd

      When you give up on life the last thing to go is you DOG After that nothing else matters 🀧🀧🀧

    24. Daphne Puccinelli

      Omg i wish i could donate to you guys but im 14 years old and dont have a credit or debit card the work yall do is amazing

    25. Gia Lovely

      Why can’t there be drop off places for dogs/cats with no questions asked? I don’t understand that. That way we could stop the abandonment process.

    26. Nancy Grissett

      Shes so beautiful

    27. katebeckinsnail

      I don't understand how someone could abandoned such a gentle little sweetie. At least take her somewhere where they can maybe get adopted. Poor little thing looked heart broken. I hope she finds someone to love her.

    28. wladimir de castro silveira


    29. wladimir de castro silveira


    30. Kion's Place

      (Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet) Why?

    31. Viv Fuidge

      Would love to become a member but living in South Africa this option is not available . Keep doing all this gorgeous amazing awesome work guys. 😊

    32. John A.

      No wonder that dog was so happy, three hots and a cot.

    33. Just Ho


    34. Steve Brown

      I want a law that if you abandon a pet you are put in jail AND are never allowed to have a pet again.......😑

    35. Annelien De Kramer

      What a lovely being.

    36. Ruth & i

      A D O R A B L E ! ! ! πŸ’‹

    37. Bo Ure

      Your women are awesome.

    38. Sarah Levan

      He is bit of a cheeseburger dog..lol

    39. Marie La Costa


    40. Marie La Costa

      I'm crying

    41. j t 07

      Awww..Shania issuch a great girl🀩

    42. Bedford

      Where can we get gloves like that with that scrub was you rub? that is awesome

    43. Patrice Star


    44. Dlighted 1

      πŸ˜ƒWhat a beautiful baby! Love love love her earsπŸ’–! Adorable. How could anyone just dump her, or any fur baby for that matter, out on the street like trash!🀬. I even wonder about those people who give thumbs down to videos like these. Karma is a sonofa, and they will eventually get what's coming to them! God bless all of the selfless volunteers and workers who daily help poor, defenseless animals, and I hope Shania finds a truly loving forever homeπŸ™.

    45. sofia lizzy

      Joann is my spirt animal! Love how she just owned it and picked her up! Can't understand how anyone that has toothpaste for their dog can just dump them. However, this is a seriously messed up year.

    46. Shireen Show

      Shania is a beautiful and perfect name for her Like if you agree | V

    47. ra r

      They consider the owner who abandoned her living dog to die cruel, but CELEBRATE the woman who's murdering her unborn child as "her CHOICE". Wait, it's unborn, it's nothing, but when you DO want it, it's something. You care MORE about the choice than whether the unborn should have a choice! MAJOR league hypocrisy!

    48. luna

      I don't think her original owner dumped her there, the stuff she had with her is the things a person who loved her very much would buy.

    49. Gathering No Moss

      When I was 19 (I'm 64 now). I left a dog I owned tied to the door of an animal shelter, because I was too embarrassed to surrender her. I had lost my apartment. That dog loved me dearly. I have never gotten over what a terrible thing I did - it still comes up in my dreams. To know that I was once the kind of person who would do something like that is a continual burden. I don't know why I'm writing this except as a confession. I don't think the shame will ever go away.

    50. Nick De Silsky

      There are cruel and sick people capable to abandon a dog. But there are also people like Eldad and his women, capable to wander the streets rescuing them, spending their time and their money, in order to give them a better life. Thanks to people like them, the world is still a decent place to live. Thanks again for your work, Hope for Paws people. All the best.

    51. 181251

      These people that abandon their pets simply have no conscience at all. They will never understand. Pets give you all their unconditional love, GIVE it back.

    52. Barbara Silveira


    53. Debbie Harmon

      She is so happy

    54. humbledb4jesus

      what gets me every time is the look of fear that they have when the rescuers come but then completely changes mood when they realize they are there to help...

    55. Jay Callaghan

      Can I foster Loreta ? Asking for a friend.


      For the lady wearing that tank top, wow what a great way to represent yourself by showing cleavage. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


      Abandoning a dog is like abandoning a child. Just imagine that dog being a child abandoned and being left with their belongings.

    58. Aya Kasalih

      Maybe her owner died and family members couldn't be bothered so they abandoned her. That's the story I'm going with. Otherwise, it's just heartbreaking.

    59. Jessie Moreno

      Well done ladies,,,

    60. miss miou

      I think she came for the love more than the bacon

    61. Bodo Kahle

      Ich hoffe den Kleinen geht es gut 😌

    62. Z's animal friends

      I don't understand how someone could care enough about their dog to buy them specialist toothpaste and simultaneously care so little they dump them

    63. Sherry Flannigan

      Maybe the owner died and relatives did not want the dog

    64. Christena Walker

      My Maltipoo's don't like when I wear mask has this phenomenon interfered in your rescue attempts!

    65. Iroxinping

      looks like a elderly person died and the apt/home owner (or crazy illegal nursing home/assisted living) just tossed the dog and stuff with it.

    66. joanne cannon

      what a beautiful little dog,so sweet,humans can be so cruel,to just dump a dog to fend for his or her self is so wrong

    67. Dmitry Alipov


    68. Edward Hill

      When she was rubbing all over the couch that was so cute. She knows she’s safe and she’s so happyπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯°

    69. LiviVids

      her poor little eyes

    70. LiviVids

      i would like to talk to who ever did this.... AND THEY COULD HAVE AT LEAST GIVE THEM FOOD AND WATER!

    71. Son Of The Sun

      You guys do great work. God Bless You.

    72. Anna Anna


    73. Sandy Smith

      Beautiful baby!!

    74. janet dutton

      Ya'all are worth your weight in gold! Big hugs!

    75. Kay Tyler

      Owners so cruel and rescuers so kind. Why are some so cruel and some so good? I don't get it. Thank God for the good people.

    76. crazy plus

      Subcriber my channel sapna vn

    77. crazy plus

      Today see one of best world video so thank you god bless both iam from india iam dog lover today my best day bescause see cute video

    78. Guildeman

      "The temperature was over 100 degrees" Took me a couple of seconds to realize it was in farenheit xD

    79. Ava Dhillon

      I would totally adopt one but my parents don’t have the space or room for it. My sister wants one to

    80. Scizo Phrenic

      im not happy when i see these poor animals wandering around alone. if i had the resources i would be doing what yall do.

    81. Lesley B

      In 2015 a dog was abandoned outside a train station in Scotland, U.K along with a suitcase that contained its food bowl, a toy & a pillow! It was later adopted.

    82. tunerarmoryVT

      Much love to you all

    83. 256bender

      thank you for what you're doing but please, to all people, if you're rescuing a dog, stop reassuring them by touching their heads, especially on stressed dogs, except exceptions (dogs who "learn" to like it) it really incomfort them, prefer chest or shoulder, avoid touching them on the back if they don't see you arrived, and of course, first contac by letting your hand smelled Sorry for my english love

    84. M M

      "You're about to discover air-conditioning!" :-D

    85. Maple leaf Forever

      Nothing would make me abandon my dogs but my own death.

    86. RUM YOW!

      5:49 my anti-stress after i bath my dogs. πŸ€—πŸ€—

    87. julie willis

      This one made me cry more, Shania was my daughters name😭

    88. Wizdomtrek

      Shit, I'd come for hamburger O.o :D

    89. TheTruthIsSweet

      I like the vids, but cut the mask wearing. Seriously.

    90. Mike S

      Someone needs to leave the Evil owner behind.

    91. Hope Mariee Moore


    92. Lynda Webster

      Why are people so cruel. To dump this poor baby. She's beautiful god bless you for saving her πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    93. JoAnne Scholes

      Just like my dog...oh so cute!πŸ‘β€οΈ

    94. 1007jasper

      This makes me angry, it’s your family how could you do this?

    95. Helen Jackman

      What horrible inhuman creeps to do this. I hope they get something terrible costly for their rotten behavior. It would be a pleasure to see a huge net thrown over them. I would volunteer to do it.

    96. ggg bbb

      je ne comprend pas les personnes qui abandonne leur chien comme une vieille guenille.apportΓ© votre chien au refuge, alors il auront une nouvelle vie avec des gens qui les aimes et on peut le voir facilement dans e cas

    97. Coopertown78

      Love you guy's and what you do soooooo much, but ditch the masks.......this video is proof.

    98. Molly Alexander

      I am in kerala special love n prayers to you all love you all πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    99. pen pen

      man what good people. When you guys hugged each other with the little dog man you made my day thank you your hearts are huge πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“