An easy rescue turns to be an emergency rescue - the end is not what you would expect.

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    We were not ready for a rescue that day... we were on our way home when one call after another to the #HopeForPaws line changed the whole evening.
    I am glad Loreta Frankonyte and I happened to be in the area so we could respond as quickly and rush from one location to another.
    We had to pay a lot of money to the emergency hospital for Catalina's surgery and we have so many cases like this every week.
    If you can, please take 2 minutes to set up a $5 monthly donation. If many of you will participate, the Hope For Paws team will be able to keep going at full speed and help prevent pain and suffering:
    As a thank you for your support, we have a gift for you that is worth quite a lot of money and will give you peace of mind. Please click here to read all about it:
    To apply to adopt Sparkles, please visit our friends at:
    Thank you so much for your support!
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Jeff Davies

      You save so many animals....still, the ones you lose are so painful. Catalina was a beautiful kitty and I'm sure she would've been adopted in short order. I'm not a cat fan but pretty much every single kitten you save, I say to myself here "I'd have him/her"...and that woluld be along with just about every dog you save too. Just as well I don't live in California or I'd have hundreds of pets. I mean you even tried to save the life of a poisoned sewer-rat once, How many people would even worry about one. I love rats, have them as pets but most people would not even notice the poor thing. You are fantastic people.

    2. Anika Kaplan

      i would give catelina a hug or you guys a hug for her but i dont have arms infinity miles big to show how much i love her and you

    3. Anika Kaplan

      her name was cat she was a kitten she was so brave and strong, no kitten(kidding) it was so fast just like lightning but still she fought the rescuers she died fighting she was so brave had a strong will i barely knew her never petted her but i love her still

    4. Anika Kaplan

      6:10 awwwwwww so sad that cry

    5. Flower Hope

      I love u guys so so so much!!!!

    6. PsychoWolf732

      My family saved 4 animals Story: Well this one we didn't save. we weren't even planing on getting her, but one day my mom was shopping somewhere (I dont remember where) and this guy walked up to her and said "Here have this" and he handed her a bag and walked off. In the bag was a 9 months old corn snake. My mom came home with the snake and we decided to keep her. We named her Tandy because she looked like candy. we have had tandy for 4 or 5 years. This was my cat. she was living on the streets for i dont know how long and some people found her at took her to a animal recuse place. Then she was put in a pet store. My family when to the pet store to get dead mice for our snake and i was near the cats and i saw her in the cage and immediately fell in LOVE. I asked my mom if we could keep her and she said yes. Now i have my best Friends. we have had Ellie for 3 years. This was my Dog. We just rescued him from the pound. I dont know his past life. we have had Tadashi for 1 year Now this one is sad. My other dog Onyx lived in this RV truck with 3 other dogs, a little girl, a man and the mans Girlfriend for 6 months. The other dog were bull dogs and pit bulls, and those dogs were mean, But onyx looked like a black gray hound but he was a Shepard + Lasy Dog. But anywho, We dont know what how old Onyx was when this happens, and we dont even know how it happened but we think this man abused Onyx because this back right leg, the bone was split in half. the man said the dogs did it, then he said he got hurt by the other kids in the neighborhood because he let onyx walk around the neighborhood. We think the man abused Onyx because the man said he went to the vet and said the leg was fine even thought the bone was split in half. Se we got Onyx and it was a 3 hour car ride to get onyx and the drive back home he was in my lap in the very back seat. It looked like Onyx was exhausted . when we got home onyx slept in my brother room. After a while we found out about his leg and we wore a cast for 10 weeks but on the last day he chewed through the cast to get to the bottom of his paw and he chewed off the bottom half of his paw somehow. so he had to wear the cast for another 5 weeks and now that 5 weeks is up and the bottom of his foot is almost dont healing. We have had onyx for 4 months.

    7. Zhy CABUNGCAL


    8. cat lover

      On no Catalina 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    9. RealWarDog

      909 pm, crying in my bed rn

    10. AzanAdil Azan Adil

      Ahh kitten 😺

    11. Natasha Singh

      Really in a net

    12. Canuckmom1958

      I bet Sparkles is now a happy, adorable, healthy lap Cat. What a beauty. Thank you for saving her from the mean streets. I'm glad poor Catalina have a few minutes of warmth and love with Loretta, before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 😿

    13. Tanya Mecham

      Thank Paws for Life for saving our kittens. You people are truly heros!!

    14. lila bendiaf

      الف تحية وشكر ليكم فيرق يستحق التقدير وربنا يوفقكم

    15. Denise Jeronimo


    16. Nali Granillo

      The end of this video broke my heart 💔 I cried so much bf I love kittens they are my dream pet I got so so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    17. Rebecca Reid

      Hope for paws are100 percent amazing

    18. Vocal Vegan

      With Love n Respect. Everytime I see one of your vids and an animal doesn't survive I'm comforted at knowing the Beautiful being was shown Love and compassion by Real Humans doing and B'ing Caretakers of Life. I get a feeling that the animal has a knowledge that they mattered, maybe I'm stretching it to come to that feeling but I feel animals are in tune to our intentions. Love n Blessings Family!!!

    19. Marilda Morais

      Obrigada irmão irmã que universo te abençoe fantástico maravilhoso 👋🙏😘🇧🇷

    20. Tami Sexton

      The 142 people that thumbed this story down r the kind of people the world 🌎doesn't need any longer just sayin 🤷‍♀️ @wickedgirls

    21. Tami Sexton

      Happy she was rescued and didn't have to die aline, cold under a car poor baby

    22. Tami Sexton

      Omg 😲I'm super sad to hear the end 😢😞I am happy that she was shown compassion, love and care ❤for her in her final days poor cute 😍furry angel 😇

    23. Gacha Christina Afron

      8:40 At least that poor baby is in a safe place😔

    24. PRO GAMER 7

      You all are so good. But I am sad about Catalina but she would be happy on the other place. You are the best. Heartbreaking

    25. Laiba Ahmed

      Sparkles, the name my 4 year old cousin gives to every single toy they have.

    26. Positive Góòn

      What are you guys still is so amazing I don’t know why but cats are my weak spot it is so awesome to see the transformation of these cats and other animals after being in your care. What are you guys do is awesome keep it up!

    27. Shanta Paulus

      The unknown reward routinely reply because pail orly damage amidst a yellow christopher. alleged, handy unshielded

    28. John Ames

      Do you guys accept doge coin for donations? I have a lot of crypto currency and I would love to donate to help out

    29. Hannah Sparkles!7

      My cat sparkles died this year the year after vid year

    30. St Timothy Youth Ministry

      Did this make anyone else come to tears?

    31. Nathan De La Cruz


    32. Nathan De La Cruz

      My cat died dont show me thissssssssssss

    33. Valerie C.


    34. VA D

      It,s so sad😥😥😥😥

    35. haadi warraich

      may catalina rest in peace ❤️

    36. S.Bob

      Hi. Can i donate if I'm from Scotland

    37. Adrian Rios

      can i adopt sparkles

    38. Riley P

      rip precious 🥺

    39. Александра Романова

      перевод на русский просто бредовый,как-будто шизофреник переводил не умеющий связать 2 слов

    40. Turquoise Cat

      you guys are heroes

    41. Noel Rhoda

      may Catalina's soul Rest In Peace

    42. Its Corona Time

      Rest In Peace catalina:(

    43. KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-

      Poor thing was taking its last breathes in the car....

    44. Kira Herro

      I almost cried when i heard that Catalina died :'(

    45. tiwari navya

      A true story I saw a car hit a dog in front of me I heard a bark and the car just smashed him and the car driver not even came back he ran I ran there took the dog to hospital and now he is totally fine it was really critical surgery but he survived and now he is getting the love he always needed ❤️ this is true ❤️🙏

    46. tiwari navya

      RIP catelina atleast they tried their best to save her and ya the main thing is catelina wasn't alone at her last moments RIP catelina we will remember u forever🙏❤️


      You did your best to save those little kitties which is more than anybody can ask for. You have a heart of gold. Thank you very much for saving them.

    48. Changarookitty

      ELDAD.... PLEASE! You guys need to get some flat edged baking sheets to use for picking up badly injured animals. (Look in thrift stores, yard sales for cheap) The way you just grab them & pick them up, you are causing more pain and if there are any internal injuries, you are causing worse internal hemoraging! Use the sheet like a spatula to slide under the animal then gently slide animal onto sheet as you move sheet under them. That way there is as little movement as possible! ALSO..... when you bend down to pick up animal, bring your chest down as close as possible so you can lift them up to be supported by your chest sooner, than holding them in your arms. Flat, immobility helps reduce pain, panic and worse injury.

    49. Michelle Bilodeau

      At least the little dear one didn't die alone.

    50. nico ong

      is soo sad 😔😭😭😭😭😭

    51. CharlesinGA

      How much junk is in the world? I astounded at the trash and junk you have to go thru to get to animals. I see this on other animal rescue channels from all over the world. Its crazy.

    52. Amna Gulam


    53. Jessica Rhines

      Ok I know I'm watching this late my eyes are welling with tears😢 I mean the things they do just warm my heart and I hope they never stop😭💗

    54. J Tr

      I’m crying because of the kitty that did not make it r.i.p 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    55. Zetty Zahra

      Why is it have to be cat cat is my favourite animal

    56. Dawalove Lama

      Thank you save him 🙏🙏🙏

    57. Adina Shmilovich

      they are all just so cute i was crying

    58. S M

      I am literly crying:(:((:(:(:(:(

    59. clarkjs98

      merry christmas

    60. Helen Healy

      I'm always upset when I see cats on the street. Vets will tell you that your cats are safer indoors, from disease, injury and death especially from being run over. My cats are happy watching squirrels and birds from the window and are safe including the wildlife they don't get to kill.

    61. Winter Rain

      Wish I could take care of stray and rescue cats and kittens for a real living, all the time. Wouldn't even ask that much in return. Just to not be homeless. I don't need huge house.


      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 l am 😭

    63. Jocelyn Lopez

      i’m sobbing

    64. Awoken Dragloon

      May the cat burn in hell

    65. Joy Alexios

      i will work with you one day !!!

    66. jessma89

      When you rescued that white and black kitten We had 2 cats the sister we have to give away and their brother was saved what does and we named it benny it was the same species It was the same color same thing didn't have any differences

    67. N00B 69

      Sparkles reminds me of 2 of my cats. One is Grown and Healthy and A Love Giver. And the other one... Lets just... Say.. He's in a better place now

    68. Anna Carla Silva Aloisio


    69. Sofia Mainardis

      you guys are heroes

    70. MultifandomStruggles

      atleast catalina didn’t die under that car

    71. darceymay

      anddd, i cried.

    72. Kaitlyn S

      i am literly crying some people dont care if tehy hurt animals

    73. Jaydee Voss

      But the eyes are different

    74. Jaydee Voss

      I have a cat exactly like that

    75. K. de Breek

      So sad, what about Catalina.... 😔

    76. Natalie K

      I don't cry much when animals die. I know they'll go to heaven and that they're out of pain, so yeah. One of my kittens died too, l cried then later on learnt that he went to heaven and is out of pain, so l stopped crying and enjoyed life with my other kitten

    77. Osvaldo Rivera


    78. Camilla Kyrah Margelino

      Its breaks my heart to catalina😢

    79. hiii 0-0

      im crying rn, thank you for trying to help the poor baby, im just happy she that didnt pass under a car but instead of people who loved her.

    80. I am Who I am


    81. Anna Anna

      😭😭😭💔everything will be ok baby thanks for save the animals ❤️🙏

    82. Merl

      she died in peace knowing she could cross the rainbow bridge and leave her mortal body in the hands of those who care. there is no reason for tears. she is in peace now.

    83. Barbara Boynton

      That really made me sad, poor kitty. Just want meant to be.

    84. Kakashi Hatake

      2:24 Lol

    85. sparkle paws Crawford

      My daughter loves your videos but she is sad because there are stray cats every were at the motel 6 in ely nv it is way to gar to drive here but maby you can give us some tips to help save them also I do not take calls

    86. aeon grace san diego

      i love her name sparkle it nice


      Ohh that's sad, but she was in loving care xxx RIP Catalina

    88. Xander Caranto

      God bless.



    90. vincent vanWyk

      Poor girl

    91. Daniele Courtes

      N'importe où, dans n'importent quels endroits, ils sont là pour le bien-être des animaux ,c'est génial, continuer à rendre possible la protection des animaux. Un énorme merci.

    92. Fee


    93. Not Sorry

      I've never understood why these rescue teams don't try to give a bit of water as soon as they get them to the car. They are usually starving. Wow.

    94. Naomi Takimoto

      Oh no... I’m so sorry for the little baby girl passed away... I’m very sad. Cars are monsters. We humans are responsible for the safety of all little animals on the streets because we are the ones operating the monsters. Poor little baby girl... I feel devastated.

    95. victor haros


    96. Maysun Paffrath

      im sorry to be sappy but i just wanna say thank you soooooooooooo sooooooooo much for rescueing these kittens and dogs and cats and puppys and birds and everything. yall are life saviors. also rip catalina. i hope sparkles is doing fine! bless you all

    97. Bubbly Meloetta

      Poor Catalina 😢

    98. winder zhao

      RIP Catalina, sadly not all stories have a happy ending 😔

    99. 猫Yukari

      Is Catalina okay? 😭 I want to know after her. 🙏🏻 I want to see how well I am. I always watch videos. And thank you for always helping the animals☺️

    100. Star Breeze

      My cat that was 14 years old and has been with me since I was 2 was hit by a car the other week and died on the road. The driver felt so guilty he came and knocked on my door and asked me to come with him and see if this was my cat. The description he gave me was correct so I was already preparing myself for the worst. When I got there I just completely froze and couldn’t move. Loosing an animal is so heartbreaking and I will never forget her ❤️❤️❤️. Rip Catalina 💖 your in a better place now 💜