Cat missing part of her face living on the streets! Thanks to YOU, she has HOPE!

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    I have seen A LOT of cat in my life, but this cat that was rescued by our JoAnn Wiltz shocked me and amazed me at the same time!
    It's so sad to imagine her life on the streets without medical care, but thanks to our supporters and donors, we are able to change the lives of these animals forever and give them hope.
    If you would like to help us save many more animals, please consider making a small donation here:
    Or, if adoption is not an option for you at the moment, please like, and share her story so we can get to that special family who will give her a loving forever home.
    Special thanks to our friends at Let Them Be Little - Feline Rescue for fostering her. To adopt her, please contact them directly:
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Steven Lang

      Please follow up on this one when her treatment is complete.

      1. Nora Dennis

        @Rooiku Neither could I. 😟. I would love to know how the cat is doing now.

      2. Chong! Jojun! Balsa!

        @Monique Gibson. at least her last days were full of care...

      3. Rooiku

        @Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel I can't find it on instagram

      4. rb962

        @evelin najera I'm glad you called, but next time call right away

      5. Sierra Mattice

        Steven Lang ok

    2. Rosalia Fait

      But she is cute!!!😻😻😻😻

    3. Rosalia Fait


    4. gina trascierra guzman

      Sterealize your pets it became necesary even if they belong from a breed, they do not need to be parents this is a psicologique meanig of people that not correspond into animals but a hormonal cicle only, they can come true themselves if we care of them correctly. so many have no home or have been abandonded and have puppies on the street or long ways, many are lost or have been seriously mistreated imagine a high percentage of these animals died because no body rescued them. If you by a cat or dog think first if it is a real compromise to give them home all their lives and care enough to keep them save they are not toys or objets they feel and depend on us. We have to be really patient enough to teach them, spend money in food and veterinarian assistans.share time with them, keep them in a healthy and clean and save place with enough space if it is a big dog. better people better world, is time to get concious

    5. Margarita LusenkovaM

      Здоровья тебе катейка и тем кто тебя спас

    6. jim s

      She looks at people and says please help me and I'm still a kitty inside me.

    7. The Ropes of Renovation

      I hate she had to be euthanized d/t cancer and MRSA. So sad.

    8. Pop Cat

      Poor baby

    9. L Lewis

      poor cat what happened to her face

    10. Marta Denney

      How is angel face doing ?

    11. gwg5640

      You can count me in too. I'd like to know how she's doing.

    12. Ada Elif

      I love rescue animals video

    13. Zachepic194

      Angel-Face looks like she will be a lovely pet.

    14. Mari ‘’

      This is terrifying with his face 😰😭

    15. Valerie C.


    16. Lima Mathew

      Please tell us how shes doing

    17. St Timothy Youth Ministry

      all i could think this whole video was don't you dare euthanize her because she is so precious

    18. annaj banana

      This beautiful little girl is so sweet and gentle. I hope she finds a wonderful forever home.

    19. Young Raines

      Has Angelface been adopted? We think everyone wants to know - especially the supporters. Thank you.

      1. BimBop83

        According to the responses in the pinned thread she had to be euthanized. It would be nice if hope for paws would make this update clearer since this case is clearly tugging on a lot of viewers heartstrings.

    20. Gregory Pappas

      Adopt FIV+ cats. I have had 2. The other cats never got it, and they were sweet as could be!

    21. karen slater

      What’s happened to Angel face will you do a follow up ❤️🙏❤️

    22. Maria Alvarez

      Aw so cute

    23. ꧁ꕥ AshliPlaysRoblox - The Laziest Cat Around! ꕥ꧂

      Nobody: Not A Soul: Me: **Makes a whole Warrior Cats OC and names her Angelface**

      1. Ivy

        Brightheart :)

    24. kutyifritin

      Beautiful soul cat🥰 Please put 2.part of this video how is this Angel now?

    25. Emily Hicks

      this cat was pretty in spirit

    26. Liz Vg


    27. Donna Ashley

      She knew you were there to change her life and you did, many would have euthanized her but you knew she had a will to live and love . She has a good life and is cherishe

      1. BimBop83

        Sadly, according to the responses in the pinned comment she had to be euthanized. It would be nice if Hope for Paws would make this update clearer since this case is clearly tugging on a lot of viewers heartstrings.

    28. MR Doctor

      Eww dude

    29. Александра Романова

      люди....что вы натворили с котиком,за что так с беззащитным?

    30. Joyce Gibbs

      Just burst into tears, that poor baby and she's so affectionate !!!! Thank you again Hope xxx

    31. Carol Kristian

      Please don't allow your cats outside. Studies show that they're happier, live much longer, and don't kill birds. Dogs probably did this to her.

    32. The Gamer

      This is so cute im sorry i cant donate im broke but i would donate every lat penney

    33. Reptile Ruby

      She is beautiful and I need her Please do a follow up of her when she'd got her forever home

      1. BimBop83

        Sadly, according to the responses in the pinned comment she had to be euthanized. It would be nice if Hope for Paws would make this update clearer since this case is clearly tugging on a lot of viewers heartstrings.

    34. Tanya Delaney

      Oh what a fighter. Most would have died. This baby wants to live. PLEASE PLEASE do an update

      1. Tanya Delaney

        @BimBop83 thank you. I missed the pinned comment. And animals, as well as people can only hope to die warm, fed, and loved.

      2. BimBop83

        Sadly, according to the responses in the pinned comment she had to be euthanized. Heartbreaking but at least she died warm, well fed, and cared for.

    35. Nyla Klee

      Remember watch the whole ad

    36. Luna

      why she doesnt have a part of her face :( ? it's so heartbreaking but I hope she will recover

    37. Juppi Mies

      I'm crying😭😭 you People are just AMAZING. You People have big hearts. 😍 I can't even describe it on words!! I thank and support you with my whole hearth. Thank you!!

    38. Chong! Jojun! Balsa!

      This is crazy... You are doing great things!!!

    39. Caroline Vinata

      God bless you

    40. maXmuri amiEn

      What did happen to her? Why did she lose her face? 😣😣😣

    41. Carin Coetzee

      Hi Eldad. How is Angel Face doing now?

    42. Susan Clark

      Please tell us that you have reported this to the authorities. Someone may know what happened to this cat if her face was destroyed from abuse.!

    43. Sophia Nevin

      That Poor thing, so cute and adorable.

    44. g

      爲你哭……………… 又爲你幸運開心…… 支持………………

    45. amazing geart life view experiment

      I have idea for you why do another channel for helping just cats 🐱❤️

    46. Carol Ann Rompca

      The cats face if cleaned and treated with meds properly should grow back normally.........

    47. jennifer faloon

      Please post updates on angel face!! Where do y'all work out of

    48. KKAngelita

      Please do follow ups‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    49. Martha Lara

      Aww so sad poor thing

    50. Gaming Potato

      It must be the worst being a cat with no boop nose

    51. Vickie Tracy

      Such a sweetheart cat and no one did anything to help her in the beginning

    52. Vickie Tracy

      Someone hurt that poor baby..

    53. Prih Gørni ッ

      Oh, god.... 😔

    54. Audrey

      My dad had a cat named scotty. It was an outdoor cat. One night it came home with the side of its facecrushed. Probably a dog. Coyotes would of eaten it. They spent about 1k trying to treat it. But it died a year later. Please keep your cats indoors!

      1. BimBop83

        And I had a cat that went outdoors every day and lived an amazing life and died of old age at 21 years. She was born on a farm and would have rather lived 5 years roaming in nature than 25 years never allowed outside. It would have been inhumane to keep our cat cooped up inside. (We tried and she was absolutely miserable and stopped eating.)

    55. Audrey

      Poor baby :(

    56. Kay Tyler

      She can't eat well and can only lick her food. I can't imagine the agony of her face basically rotting off. omg

    57. Kay Tyler

      Poor baby can't eat. omg. Terrible.

    58. James Glass

      Poor little Cat

    59. eva soto

      I wish I can take care of her and give her the best life but I don’t live where you live or do hope for paws and I’m allergic to cats . where I live I can’t have dogs or cats 😢😢😢😣

    60. Starrider Kittykat

      I seen the picture and all I could say was OMG WHY!!! That poor poor baby..Thank you so so much for saving her..God calls apon you and you always Answer..🙏💖💖💖 I read in the comments that Angle face passed away,is that true?

    61. Sakinah Abdussamad

      I cannot watch but just want to comment God bless her, I'm happy organizations like HFP exist and do this work. ❤️🙏❤️

    62. Marcelo Coutinho


    63. Beatrice Tumminelli

      Angelo Mio cosa ti hanno fatto

    64. Kylie Acton

      sadly im preety sure her face will not recover but there is hope i hope come on angel face i want to adopt this sweet baby

    65. Shinju Inoue

      I can hardly imagine the agony she was going through and to think it took so long for help to arrive. Imagine if someone could have rescued her earlier...but Hope for Paws my favorite with great rescue people do what they know best and that’s to save animals in distress. Thank you, and please continue saving animals safely 💝🥺🙏 I will donate for angel face in addition to my monthly donations💕 If you’re able to, please donate monthly, even a little bit will make a difference 💯🙏

    66. Kakashi Hatake

      I have a 3 legged cat named Simon. He was a rescue and I got him about 2 years ago and he's so sweet. He stepped on a nail and got infected and over time it got so bad his fur and skin rotted to the bone up to where the leg bends. He had to have it amputated. I also have a all black cat named Loki and and brown/white one named Thor. They were brother's who stayed by there mother's side when she passed away and were mere kittens.

    67. Caela Barnes

      I want to adopt her sooo bad!

    68. Funda Cicek


    69. Chaotic Corbin

      I would 1000% adopt that baby right away

    70. MerCDs free

      I haven't been able to see this video, it'd break my heart 💔 I have only read some comments. I've read that she had to be put to sleep that true?? 😓

    71. Katherine Goddard

      Please let us know what happened to her.

      1. BimBop83

        Sadly, according to the responses in the pinned comment she had to be euthanized. 😿

    72. Veronique Dufour


    73. 123 aaa

      God bless you sweat heart..❤❤😍🥰

    74. Rina Riyanti

      The dislikes Doesnt deserve to have a good face >:/

    75. Always Right

      I love her!!!

    76. Cmaha Valli


    77. My2Cents

      She was probably a pet who got out and caught those diseases which ate at her face

    78. Cleuzimere Neves Alves Nestor


    79. Kuurokia

      Omg so cute i want eat him-

    80. RukiMoogle

      Omg.. why would someone do that to an animal? I'm just looking it and it's reduced me to tears. That cat has to go on with its entire life having no teeth to chew its food, no mouth to stop it drooling.. It can't even see properly. How can people be this cruel?

    81. 27 TheDinoPlayz27

      i just wish that all animals would not be hurt, so they wont have to feel all the pain

    82. Aww that cat is adorable!I feel sorry for her that she lost half of her face...Atleast she is safe now!I hope the treatment goes well.Most cats a angry when they are hurt but this one is so friendly!The people who saved her are very kind !

    83. lucy carson

      I love her

    84. Pookie___ [SURG3]


    85. Jocelyn Campbell

      Cute cat please help people

    86. Annika and Daisy

      I would 100% adopt this cute little cat

    87. Paru

      Animals are beautiful creatures and i don’t care if they have something wrong with them, their still all beautiful.

    88. The TriSSpi

      Poor cat,im crying,god bless u

    89. Rebecca Sander

      Oh my goodness... I would take her in a heartbeat if I didnt live all the way across the country. That poor precious baby

    90. lps theatere productions

      oh my god

    91. Amilton Ribeiro

      Vcs são maravilhosos obrigado ❣️😍😚

    92. Mike S

      This breaks my Heart as a Cat owner. my gosh the pain that poor soul must've been in. May She not be in pain no more.

    93. Maddie Cesar

      RIP Angel Face For those of you who didn’t know she had to be euthanized a month ago May she rest in kitty heaven

      1. Gaby Parent

        why??? :'(

    94. Isabella Zhou

      ikthis is fake

    95. Kylie Garcia

      I’m so HAPPY 😀 that y’all found her. She is a sweetie!! I love her so much!! ❤️😄😀❤️ She is such an Angel!! Her name matches her perfectly because she is beautiful no matter what!!

    96. Velma Mendoza

      Was the fungal infection due to the fact that she lived on the streets or is this something any cat can catch?

    97. Jetstream The SeaWing

      This was posted on my best friends bday :)

    98. Xander Caranto

      God bless.

    99. L I B E R T A D

      Now I know why it’s called angel face it’s so cute and it’s heartbreaking seeing a poor cat in the streets💔🥺🥺But you as a great person saved the cat🥰🥰❤️

    100. Lexi

      Just wants love