Injured dog laid on the freeway for 24 hours and just waited to die 😰

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Johnny Wrotten

      She was probably used in a puppy mill

    2. Johnny Wrotten

      Someone dumped that poor baby on the freeway

    3. Johnny Wrotten

      What a beautiful sweet little dog

    4. M P

      Thank you for saving her. 💞

    5. Sierly Chang

      wow this was the day when it was my birthday when you guys saved a puppy!!!⋋✿ ⁰ o ⁰ ✿⋌

    6. Topcon

      Your a good dude

    7. WidowPuppy

      Wow. Thank you guys so much. True heroes!

    8. kartik yuva

      You are my inspiration and you like the people always my god's 🙏🙏❤️

    9. kav rc

      i wish i could adopt that dog and give him a care that he really deserve

    10. Renee Herrejon

      Was she adopted please say yes

    11. Francisco José Cordeiro Lima


    12. Марина Азизян


    13. REACT by L

      Had to put the Covid disclaimer. Wouldn’t want people criticizing you guys for standing too close while you’re rescuing abanding animals

    14. REACT by L

      These are heroes. How many cops passed this dog?



    16. Vonciel Russell

      Another sweet, precious little dog rescued. So many are little white poodle, terrier mix type of little dogs. WHY?

    17. Mary Barry

      I'll never understand how anyone can know that that dog was out there for 24 hours and yet no one called about it? I would have called within one hour of that little thing being out there! Amazing that she was still alive! And how adorable is she!

    18. Maria Luisa Latina

      Thanked and Praised GOD , that there are ANIMAL RESCUERS like you, ready to save the lives of the animals!

    19. Robert Sandberg

      I truly love this video.

    20. Jolanta Cyganek

      Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Love you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    21. Carol Dockery

      poor darling thank you for saving him

    22. Meagha Meagha

      God bless you all of u😚

    23. Amelia ana sanaa Fonte

      Omg he could of got run over

    24. Tamara Seaman

      Poor puppy must’ve been in so much pain and so exhausted he didnt wanna move off the fwy 🥺

    25. E X O R D I U M

      this is one of my fav rescue ever, i keep watching this over and over again

      1. E X O R D I U M

        maybe because this was the very first video that appeared on my recom and i watched it right away and keep watching another vids on this channel back to back

    26. E X O R D I U M

      God bless you & your team! much love

    27. Targeted For Death

      Eldad you are the king of youtube, you and your team are the best of the best !!

    28. Laney C

      Angels! Thank you for all you do 🌸❤️🙏🌈

    29. Volker1944

      You are really doing an amazing job. Greetings from Germany.

    30. Volker1944

      Congratulations for your SUPER work.

    31. Лариса Лаврик


    32. Karren Gill

      So adorable! I hope she was adopted!

    33. Stephanie

      At the end, she is such a goof, so good to see. I always keep an eye for potential animals on the side of the freeway after seeing your videos, unfortunately the only time I saw a dog, he was already dead. Keep up your amazing work!!

    34. Doe

      What a sweet dog PD is. Watching her play at the end had me crying. God bless you for saving her and a shout out to the officers for their help. Beautiful ending to a almost certain tragedy.

    35. Valentina Ruiz

      THank u police men for helpin this BEAUTIFUL dog get rescued from the high way...bless u POLICE both

    36. Roel Heijmans

      You guys are true heroes 🙏🏻 Respect for the south central police 🙏🏻

    37. Zane

      good coppers

    38. Amber Humphreys

      Thanks to Maria Garcia for reporting the dog and huge thanks to Officers Gray and Nichols, without them this could not have happened and of course huge love and thanks to Eldad and all the team of caring people. Love from Bath England.

    39. VvV

      God bless u🙏♥️🌹

    40. Gloria Valles

      This doggie is so lucky he didn't get hurt at all in the freeway.🌈💛✨🙂🐺🏡

    41. Anthony Pickett

      The dog was dumbed on the highway while driving because they didnt want to pay the vet bills. That dog didnt run across La traffic.

    42. Jennifer Huynh

      Oh my goodness

    43. De S

      Omg how wonderful was that!!!

    44. B Sanders

      God bkess you Eldad and the LAPD for rescuing PD. HOW CAN HUMANS BE SO CRUEL TO DROP THIS SWEET GIRL ON A BUSY FREEWAY WITH A BROKEN LEg? I believe that all animal abusers need to be euthanized. I firmly believe that all animal abusers need to be euthanized.

    45. Kim Andrews

      PD is so sweet. Great Rescue!!!

    46. Honey Bee

      WOW those police did a perfect job... fantastic!!! WOW what a transformation!! She looks like a pup at the end... who would have known she went through all that.. just WOW Well done!!

    47. Laura Mounir

      God Bless You sir for coordinating this rescue. Every animal is worth this level of love and devotion💓 LAPD A+😉

    48. wjewell63

      What a sweet animal...gave me tears....thank you guys

    49. Captante

      Who exactly DOESN'T like these vids? Not anyone I ever want to meet thats for sure.

    50. Verus

      cool cops

    51. Lanie Sider

      Thank you for rescuing ♥️

    52. Otto Kar

      Policers were just great thanks for all whatdoing for the pupp

    53. Keith Bates

      So Wonderful to rescue this ❤ precious pup! Joan Bates

    54. Michel Boisvert

      hi, I've always had dogs and I currently have two of them including a puppy of 2 months and a half and I don't understand how some people can do this to animals, your little dog is really adorable and I hope she will find a good family, bravo you are doing a wonderful job for the animals.

    55. M Johnson

      May God bless all of you, who do his work saving these precious little lives!! You are Guardian Angels in the world🙏🌎❤

    56. Z Song

      I wish there were more people like you!

    57. Imlemuel809

      Guys don’t say this is fake because this is an community in California and an people calling them and they coming to help the animal

    58. Andrei Cauba

      God bless you and all your team salute❤😭more abandoned dogs will rescue😭 stay safe Maam&Sir🙏

    59. bulbul bhatia

      This brought tears in my eyes😭❤❤❤

    60. murcielago241


    61. Melissa Weaver


    62. Céia Muniz

      Quem tem amor dá flor !!!

    63. Deena Calkins

      Please consider the hard and sometimes dangerous job these people do out of the kindness of their hearts. Please consider donating today, $5 doesn't mean a lot to us but it means the world to these fuzzy faces.

    64. Cindy Craig

      So adorable

    65. Nurudin Jafferji

      God bless you all

    66. 鄧小姐


    67. Elliot Yee


    68. Mike A

      What a sweetheart she is!

    69. Summer Pierce

      There is a homeless cat where I live. If you can come the cat is dying we try to do as much as we can it will not let anyone get close it has no hair I hope for the best

    70. Summer Pierce

      I am a big fan of your work and you guys inspired me to do the right thing🥰🥰🥰🥰

    71. Esther Yuen

      Hi guy,you did a good job.

    72. becky martin

      this poor baby did NOT get hit or ran over ,,SOME ONE THREW HER out of their car,,, she was way too friendly, and scared to run off,, i feel bad for her and glad she was saved,, but if so called humans were not ass holes from hell.. this sorta thing would never happen... wow,, heartbreaking, just happy it ended well,, 99% dont

    73. Pete Tong

      Great work from Eldad.... And great to see some positive police work too....

    74. TheBigGrayCat


    75. Jacqueline Bradley

      She's beautiful ❤️ Thank you for rescuing her!!!!!!!!


      God bless you

    77. Rose Ribeiro


    78. Rose Ribeiro

      Deus lhe abençoe, obrigada por você ser este ser, tão humano.👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

    79. Lucia Santillan

      No entiendo el idioma,solo miro por las importantes obras que realzan.Los felicito.

    80. Marcos Padilla

      OMG thank you so much to those officers 👮🏻 and you my good friend for rescuing this angel 🐶❤️🙏🏻

    81. Annie Hovsepian

      Bless you for all you do

    82. Gacha_Softie 13

      I really wish I could donate £5 but I’m only 12 And now I really want to be apart of an animals rescue team and it’s all because of you and ur team

    83. Dear Ace

      California is like 3rd world country treating those innocent creatures..Thank you to these hope for paws people God bless you guys..I pray no more animal abuse 🙏❤️😥

    84. Charmaine Frisch

      Love you and your team. God bless you!!!

    85. Tanya Mecham

      Great rescue! LAPD was AWSOME and didn't hesitate at all.Grateful for both facilities in helping this cute dog!

    86. Solve and Craft

      Hope u don't have any or dogs to save # adopt the dogs

    87. michelle g

      Kudos to LAPD and Maria who called it in and of course everyone involved in PD’s rescue and care!!!🌟🌟

    88. Kathy R.

      I just wonder if it was someone’s dog that got out . I wonder if they could post it somewhere that they found the dog

    89. Restore The Earth

      What a great name for a dog the LAPD helped to rescue. PD is a perfect name for her.

    90. Anne B.

      God bless you and God Bless the LAPD for their assistance in helping you rescue that poor little girl. She must have been so scared there all alone with no way to get out of there. You are an angel on earth for all you do for these abandoned and stranded animals. To see her so grateful and happy was all worth it, I'm sure. Her new home looked wonderful and I am so thrilled for her.

    91. Carmem Farias

      Parabéns anjo da guarda desses animais

    92. BdR76

      2:35 wow, a CG re-enactment, this video has got production value ;)

    93. SkylarK GaminG

      You guys are real from India 🎉🔥

    94. Mama Mia

      Thank you for loving the animals! You are an angel from God! Beautiful sweet girl she is

    95. Russ Pick


    96. Simply Loren

      She's so sweet and so nice dog. Love her, thank u for saving such lovable dog. 😘❤

    97. TheEchoeman

      If only drug addicts could be rescued like this, we would have many more productive citizens helping us solve the problems in our country.

    98. Larry Marsh

      Good job thanks sooo much for saving that dog

    99. Denise Jeronimo


    100. Wayne Tee

      These stories are terrible and great to see all at the same time, I didnt expect the pupper to be in such good shape.