Scared cat sends the first rescuer to the hospital with serious injuries.

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    When dealing with a possible feral cat, it's important to be extremely careful. When I saw Kelly Weston's injury, I knew it will turn to be a battle, and I am happy to report that at the very end (of the video) - WALLDO WON!!! BIG TIME!!! Yes, I know Waldo spells with one "L", but this guy was hiding inside a WALL(do). 😄
    As I was talking to Kelly, she told me she is the founder of Uplifting Echo - an organization she is building these days, dedicated to providing necessary resources to the unhoused and their pets. They will have their official non-profit status shortly, and I know they will have just as much work as we do as the need for assistance is growing. You can read more about this organization here: - I am happy they will be our eyes and ears out on the streets, and I'm sure we will get to work together ❤️
    Special thanks to Let Them Be Little for finding Walldo an amazing loving forever home! I am so happy about the change in him, and I love seeing him now so happy!
    Don't worry... even though he was already adopted, they have many more cats and kittens for adoption here:
    These rescues can't happen without your support. If you haven't done so yet, please join the Hope For Paws team with a small donation here:
    Thank you so much!
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    1. Denise Jeronimo


    2. follow me !

      Thank you!!!! you/her are the real heroes

    3. Mr. Redneck repair.

      cat bites are no joke! cats are nasty! my son almost lost a thumb and my neighbor was in a wheelchair because of her wild cats stray cats. he was young and ignorant and she had barn cats. kept the snakes and rodents away from the horses and the homes, but caused problems as well. also remember big cats are king and queen of jungles.....these little ones rule the world.

    4. StillSaber1790

      They look like Twins 😂🤣😂

    5. Jeff Davies

      The poor cat must have already been scared as hell, then the banging must have got the poor tike pertified. Of course they don't realise that these people are there to help them, their experiences of people have mostly been bad, really bad I expet. It almost trusted them when the hole was made but had to defend itself in the end, and boy oh boy, it didn't give up without a fight. Somehow these animals seem to realise that they are being helped. It was a braver person than me who put her hand in that cage to stroke the cat.... A minute of abject panic in exchange for a stress-free and happy lifetime. A fair exchange, made possible by these wonderful people.

    6. Sylvia Street

      God bless you all and your ministry for saving that Priceless little baby kitty!

    7. purrrrson

      It was incredible how fluffy his tail got while you were rescuing him. When my little girl fluffs her tail, she also gets a mohawk going up her back. What a handsome cuddle bug he turned out to be!

    8. Wolvie

      Awesome work to you all, and the landlord who didn't care about making holes in the wall to rescue him. He actually reminded me of my little buddy Riker he looks just like him, seeing that little guy makes me miss my buddy.

    9. C Salyers

      Don't ya know what a blanket is?

    10. Scarlett Pereira

      Who was the injured person?

    11. Gwen Baker


    12. Gwen Baker


    13. Cassandra Messing

      That would be a foster fail for me. That car seems to have found the best home in his foster home.

    14. winder zhao

      The right cement transmurally ignore because multi-hop etiologically brush along a abrasive venezuelan. sincere, ossified spleen

    15. one love animal rescue & sanctuary

      We do that now can any one support us with subscribe to Rescue more animal

    16. Jackileen Sauler

      Looks like the Maine coon breed ....hes beautiful!

    17. Lass-in Angeles

      A beautiful Bengal tabby, the best kind of cat! Great rescue, thank you!

    18. Molly McDade

      I hope the woman who had to be hospitalised is okay, that sounds last an incredibly nasty infection

    19. Wilza Carneiro

      Que Deus abençoe vocês por ajudar tantos animais Sempre estarei dando like em suas postagens

    20. Laiba Ahmed

      4:16 💃💃💃

    21. Bernadette Roks

      I love this channel because they have love for the animals. But i can't handle the fact that there so many homeless people in the US!!!. Can someone explain me why is ur system failing??. I am from Amsterdam(Netherlands), sure we have our homeless people, but they are offered a chance to get out of it. For what i'm seeing the US does nothing for them.

    22. Amberly

      u guys are amazing not only for animals but also verry kind to the people in need. i love you guys

    23. UsernamesForDummies

      He’s a very cuddly boy! And so pretty. He’ll undoubtedly find a great home with that engaging character.

    24. JM De Leon

      Thanks god

    25. R Ming

      It's been commented on before, in other vids; but it is upsetting to hear the rescuer(s) hissing at every cat, in the initial stages of all these cat rescues. It must be frightening and confusing, like "are you friend or foe?" Once the cats get familiar with you, they probably don't care. "Hoomins hissing at us? They don't mean any harm."

    26. Debbie Vernon

      I see that you use a snare to trap cats in several of your videos. I've never seen this method used before nor recommend by any TNR or cat rescue organization. I wonder whether a better solution would've been to have residents stop putting food out for a day. Obviously, if the man in charge of the building maintenance was authorized to make 2 holes in the wall to snare the cat, people were invested in helping this cat and would've helped. A humane trap with stinky sardines, mackerel would've drawn this beautiful cat out to eat with the trap at the end of the hole. I just believe it is unnecessary to use a snare when there are many other options.

    27. Irène Neuschwander

      You say « all right « like Freddie Mercury !!! 🤗😅

    28. Paulina Q

      5:05 look at that beautiful tail!

    29. Phyllis Brown

      Wonderful Walldo💖 So thankful he has a loving forever family. Many Blessings to all of the good folks that help rescue these furry friends😸🐕

    30. Σοφια Γεωργουλη

      You are the best God bless you all.

    31. Valerie C.


    32. Zoa Langford

      What a SWEETHEART. ❤

    33. sabrina aubret

      thank you for what you do and especially continue because unfortunately there will always be terrible and unhealthy people who will hurt the animals, besides I hate them for that! in any case for this cute and kind little cat, thank you for saving it!

    34. Monica Enriquez

      Eldad, they look like they are twins!

    35. whatwhatwhatwhat

      Not gonna lie, if I saw some people trying to put me in a cage ( even if they’re trying to help ) I would try to get back to the safest spot and still continue to struggle

    36. TexFN

      AYO Waldo got a girl SHEEEEESH

    37. Roguelio Gutierrez

      Omg i am crying right now infront. of my after school program 😭

    38. Margaret Bulow

      I wonder when they will make another vid

    39. בתאל צרפתי

      כל הכבוד לך תותח, אתה נותן כבוד לישראליות שבך! חזק ואמץ

    40. Faunwea Diamond

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    41. Chester M. Bautista

      To who dislike this video do you know how hard to rescue a cat and do you know how hard are the situation of the cat its just make no sense🙎‍♂️🙅‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    42. Gladis Aguirre

      Yup true

    43. John Shannon

      If you can ever adopt a rescue animal, please do, especially older animals. You won't be sorry.

    44. -Keylymarssis-

      help them get to 5mil guys c'mon we can do it!

    45. Life is a Game and True Love is the TROPHY

      Dear Kind Viewers, This video shows a kitten jumping 3 feet to a window the very next day after these people (the USfilm posters) killed the kitten. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the kitten to jump and play the very next day after what they did to the kitten. Whatever this guy did to the kitten must have been bad. Then he films it suffering. Evil. This video got over 30,000 views and at the end of the video, they ask for donations. IF WE ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE, they will think the worse damage they do to these defenseless animals, the more views they will get and the more money they will get. We must all REPORT this video so that this channel will get DEMONETIZED. This is the only way to stop this abuse before these people kill more innocent lives for money! Please report this video so that this channel will get demonetized so these evil people will stop cause terrible suffering to attract more viewers. @

    46. diane9247

      Bravo! 😍💗

    47. Alexia Cio

      All I have to say is: God bless you🙏

    48. Stitches

      Decent music choice. Kudos. I still think you autta check out Vindsvept too tho.

    49. LuluThePickleDino :p


    50. xcharli._. dunkinx0



      Espcially when they licked each other


      aaaaaaw, The ending footage was so cute. It seems like Waldo has new playmate!

    53. Ambistical

      Hope for Paws please look at the channel " Paws 4 Hope animal " i have reason to suspect they are abusing animals then pretending to rescue them, going as far as to slash a puppies leg open. My suspicion comes from their demeanor, lack of skills, use of props, and what looks like using the same puppy in multiple videos (One in a box, one on a dump tied up, etc). Would someone else, ie yourselves, or your viewers / subscribers please check what i am saying, this cannot continue. I have reported the channel to USfilm, PETA, and your charity so far. Please help to stop future abuses from happening.

    54. Moonlight - Huntress01

      Thank you for all the good that you do in helping these animals have a chance at life! One day I want to be able to do stuff like this too with being able to make a difference and I hope everything is well with the injuries! Seriously bless you all for everything you do and giving them a warm, loving home cause they all deserve it

    55. Joshua Michael

      Wait you do take responsibility of your mess, right? I mean have you change or fixed the hole on the wall or you know pay some money for someone to take care of it? Well I think you do. I'm sorry to ask a question like this but I was very curious and wonder about that problem. Please don't be mad Eldad, also I love your channel, great job of rescuing that cat whose stuck in the wall! 😀😇❤️🙏👍

    56. AnimalSTEP Official

      Great! thank you so much

    57. Jackson Willbert

      Walldo I see what you did there

    58. Fatna Mouyass

      Hay Mister eldad ,,y see all your beautiful vidéos 👌👍✌️ YM sorry,y y have not work because Corona 😷 pleaaaaaaaase 🙏🏼 help my for lunch street cats en my Cats,, y love him, help my for choping foods for Kitty's 😿 SOO thank you for help the ANIMALS 😽✌️❤️🙋🏼‍♀️ Ym from moroco 🇲🇦 y Hope for little moning for choping foods for Kitty's 😿 y speek you in Instagram 🙋🏼‍♀️ you iS good men,y love you'r d'job en the Lovely women's your Friends ❤️ pleaaaaaaaase GOD BLESSES 🙏🏼😽✌️

    59. Danish Moonrock

      good. i can hear elad and his assistants play by play. the music is there but someone chose to keep it down. appreciated. if you can keep the music down so i can make up my own mind on my emotions... i could become a donator.

    60. Muriel Vaillancourt

      I saw a video called Hope for Paws+ world awareness Victor Larkhill+ Luna rescue: a blind pregnant dog with two broken paws. I watch the video and no Hope for paws, only Larkhill and the dog is said to have two Broken paws but after she has no more, she is blind but no more and she is pregnant but no more! I never liked him and his fake stories. I can’t trust him. It’s always incredible dramas, like when he stole two « abused dogs » from a yard house. Are you with this man? Can you answer, please? It’s disturbing.

    61. Jaro Breen


    62. Janie Jones

      That was the best French kiss I’ve ever seen! Yay!💕💕💕❤️💕💕💕

    63. chlordiazepoxide

      To quote Mr Rogers, "Look for the helpers." Thank you for all the good that you're doing and spreading.

    64. J T


    65. School Comics

      I haven't seen your videos for over a year now and i didn't subscribe back then also i couldn't remember your channel name so I had no way of finding this channel again but, I kept watching animal rescue videos and eventually I found it , I imediantly recognized the channel name and came straight over and subscribed so I'd never loose the channel ever

    66. Reitta Handa

      HOLY MOLY!! Walldo was WILDDDD!!! I’m so glad he found a loving home!! Cat bites almost always turn into cellulitis n ER is the best bet!! Glad she’s ok! ❤️😽❤️

    67. Lana G

      Poor sweet little baby he must have been so scared with the sounds of the wall crumbling around him i do agree with this completely for if i were a cat i would have been scared also .Thank God hes rescued and in a loving home now, safe and with another sweet furry little friend like himself .Hope For Paws may the Precious Lamb of God bless you kind people richly and always for saving this beautiful soul with no voice and all the work you do saving all these beautiful souls with no voices as you have a special place with Him always.🌹💖💖🎉

    68. No No

      thank U, u r real HUMANS; with LOVE from russia =));

    69. Nathaniel Mykkeltvedt

      What heros’ 👍🏼👍🏼

    70. TOP 7 KIDS


    71. Audren And Butter -Shorts

      C mon go to 5 milion!!!you guys deserve it!!!!

    72. Nadia Rouis

      I've been following and supporting and admiring Eldad for years, but I find this is rather irritating. At some point, please, just stop filming or get someone else do do it! Instead get thick leather gloves designed to catch animals , or get a blanket and grab the cat (yes I have done this myself dozens of times with ferals since the 80's). Stop dragging him by the neck!

    73. Kyungwha Kim

      The two cats are like twins. You are amazing!

    74. Dorothy Barron

      Wrap him in a towel!!!

    75. Sweeps

      Almost 5M Subscribers, Congrats! ❤️

    76. Sandra Steiner

      WOW! Look at the change in this kitty!!!!

    77. Honest Opinions

      What a silly young man 🥰

    78. Field Fishing

      Good Job

    79. Mika Zohar


    80. Bernice Annichiarico

      Aww so heartwarming what a beautiful kitty he was so scared but what a loving boy so happy he has a loving home and a best friend thank you for saving Waldo you guys are the best

    81. EllieLouise18

      Such a beautiful cat oh my gosh🥺

    82. Adrian Rios

      thers a big white husky thats homeless

    83. Adrian Rios

      thats homeles

    84. Adrian Rios

      thers a big white husky

    85. Jointer311

      man ... every time I watch your video I see all the love and passion you put into this job. i hope God has you in glory for all the lives you saved Greetings from Italy

    86. Doggy And Kitty

      that man is so kind. he broke the wall for the cat i would do same so kind of him tho bc not a lot of people would do that

    87. Dee Terry

      How much of a blessing is it to be the first to give gentleness and love. For a scared little guy to trust you above all other humans first...

    88. DeetsterB

      What a handsome cat!! So glad he is rescued and being spoiled.

    89. QUANTUM TV

      Quantum TV has joined hope for paws, by enabling a neverending fundraiser on all future videos. This cause is near and dear to my heart, and I'm with you guys 100%. I'll do my part to help the little guys find a new life! - Q

    90. victory animals

      Which app did you use for adding text

    91. Donna Geiler

      You know how you get cheeseburgers for dogs? You should have temptations for kitties, I've never met a cat that didn't like them. Or guide them out with a laser pointer.

    92. Thyy Dragonhart

      thank you

    93. Marlenne Perez

      8:04 ♥️♥️🐾🥰🐈

    94. RainaPlays

      it was kind of the man to damage the wall to save the cat

    95. Liekki

      walls in the u.s. really are made of, like, paper

    96. Alice Blue

      He'll be fine now that he has caught and tamed some humans. 😻😻😻

    97. gwg5640

      Hope For Paws should receive an award for what they do. Any other nominations?

    98. wølfySëánxpai

      im so happy that the cat is okay and it makes me happy that there are people like this :-)💖❤️♥️

    99. Helena Valente

      Que fofos!!!😍😍😍😍

    100. Deborah Rowe

      Happy endings always make me smile! 😊