Scared dog left behind after his owner died - please read below (important!)

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    So many pets are left behind after their owners pass away, and too many times, no plans are made for these pets who are left behind, scared, confused, and with family members who just don't care.
    To solve this problem, here at Hope For Paws we found a solution and we will give it to you as a gift. We partnered with FREE WILL - an online legal service that will enable you to write your own WILL (in less than 20 minutes) for FREE!
    Please visit our blog, and in there you will find a link to writing your own will:
    Magic was lucky that Hope For Paws got the call to come and save her. JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick secured her, got her to the hospital, and slowly she started coming out of her shell. Our friends at The Little Red Dog fostered her, and just found her a loving forever home!!!
    I hope her owner is looking from above and is at peace watching this video.
    Please, please, please, don't let this happen to your pets. Life is so fragile and they count on you to ensure their safety. Please take 20 minutes now to complete your will and I promise you it will give you the peace of mind you deserve now:
    Thank you so much!!!
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    Published on 19 days ago


    1. Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

      Free Will provides you with an easy way to write a legally valid will online in just 20 minutes. I know this can be a scary thing to think about, but life is so fragile, and dealing with it for 20 minutes right now will give you peace of mind. I completed my own will about a month ago, and it was really easy. The service is 100% FREE for everyone, so please share the link with family and friends:

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      They just need to feel safe and cared for.

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      We have 7 dogs and one passed away when we were on a trip and it was so so so sad but he is always going to be in our hearts forever R.I.P Grady (our dog that passed away)All animals matter it so it should be AAM. (awesome animals matter)

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      I rescued a dog last week. I kept calling myself Loretta (from your vids). It was caked in faeces, like tar and it took many hours to remove it all. It was a pure white dog. I fed him Royal Canin since, alas, I had no cheeseburger. He has a home now.

    17. David Somethingorother

      Could I offer a suggestion for one part of the description? The "and with family members who just don't care" part? It reads like you're trying to shame people, and could certainly be worded with a bit more neutrality, while still getting the need across to viewers. Not disputing that there are situations where surviving family members don't care--it's just the whole "flies/honey" analogy seems really appropriate here.

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      Owner died 11 months prior to this video? Someone been feeding that dog.

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      so sad but this is such a common story. you guys did an amazing job!

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      That's sad that the dog owner died

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      I’ve been here in Canada for 26yrs I never see a stray dogs thank God.,.God bless hope for paws..I pray no more animal abuse..

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      well done

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      I love that she doesn't bring the ball back but she goes to hide it

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      How sad . Why do people have pets if they are sick or elderly. There is a point where they have to stop. If you can't care for yourself then don't have pets. Always have a will too with pictures and names if you have more then one pet. Please make sure there are no other Animals inside

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      I just want to say that,every every every single video you have made is so heartwarming to watch I love watching people save animals they have a life jus flies us 😊

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      World class ethical techniques amongst a plethora of dog and puppy rescue agencies emerging across the world, including India, China and Serbia. You guys are best and the most patient. Thank you from Australia.

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      May you be blessed richly as you do the work of the creator as you save lives! You are doing scared work!!

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      You gals are so amazing! Magic is such a great pup so happy now. Thank you!

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      What a wonderful - and faithful - dawg! Dawgs like this one deserve a place in your Will...

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      What if there's no one to leave your pet with???

    35. Monique Fleming

      I can not understand this leaving a pet behind. When I moved with my cat from North Carolina to San Francisco I couldn't find one place to rent with pets. I flew my cat and me back to North Carolina and my mom took her for her entire life span. She lived a happy life. I missed her but never would I abandon her. Years later I actually bought a house because I couldn't find any place to rent with my cat a dog. Lol.

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      What a beauty. So apprehensive at first, but it looks like you gained her trust at the end.💞

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      Well at least she ain’t starving.

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      awwww thank gawd that precious dog got a loving home!

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      God, that poor girl left alone for that long!! Please think of your pets, even if it’s to surrender them to a shelter where they can find new families.

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      wowa WHOLE FOODS CHICKEN! How bougie!

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      So glad she got a home, well done for rescuing her

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      Thank you for helping poor dog, God bless you all. 🙏🙏🐶

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      What a handsome man he is... Blessings to all the Earth Angels.

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      The largest chain of funeral homes over here, have started a coop project with animal shelters for just these situations.

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      What a sweetie ♥️

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      i'm just so happy and proud that you rescued dogs most, i am very honored and bless all of you, i love dogs so much and keep rescuing more dogs i am very happy thank you hope for paws, keep safe and healthy!

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      Not only should you have a will for your dog but make sure the people or person will be happy to take your pup and not just say yes then take it to the shelter. Poor girl. I guess the man didn’t have friends or family.

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      Thank you for saving this sweet baby

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      yeah what a great girl. once she likes you she'll be loyal to the end. loving this nice dog here.

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      Heartbreaking that this precious angel was alone for almost a year. She was probably waiting for her owners to come home. So loyal and loving. Thank you for not giving up on her and leaving her behind. She deserves to be loved and with a nurturing family so she can have the life she deserves. Thank you again and bless you all out there giving them a voice❤

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      Bitte rettet den Hund, Danke!

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      If there isn’t a will, how can the deceased’s family just leave a dog or pet behind? Also new property owner leaving the dog there for 11 months and only asking for help because they can’t sell with a dog in the garden?!

    62. B Sanders

      Magic is a wonderful and such a beautiful girl could the family of their deceased family leave such a sweet girl on her own for 11 months??? Thank God HopeforPaws rescued her. She is a young dog and will make a good and loving pet and hopefully is adopted very soon by a good and loving family. XOXO

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      I would certainly make a will! ...if I had a pet

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      😊 Thanks and blessings to the rescuers and the adoption.

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      Best sound...the trap closing! Amazing the disdain so much of humanity has for animals when it is the reason for its place on Earth. Hmm, coincidence? An awakening is in order. Thank goodness for everyone with Hope For Paws. Happy St. Valentine's 💞

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      So happy for this girl that she was rescued by you people and that she found a forever loving home. I cannot imagine how her owner that died was feeling up there in the other side, he was so desperated for sure and worrie about her. , now he or she can rest in peace because knows she is ok and loved. 💖¸.•*¨*•☆💖¸.•*¨*•☆💖¸.•*¨*•☆

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      What a beautiful rescue you guys are beautiful God bless you man God bless you you know what so beautiful👍🏼🐶👍🏼🐶👍🏼🐶♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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      Por favor nunca dejen de hacer esta labor tan Hermosa y tan Humana que Dios y la Virgencita de Guadalupe se los recompensarán por Muchas Más Bendiciones. Así sea por siempre y para siempre. AMÉN.🙌✨🙏💙

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      And please note, if the dog is ANYTHING like a Cattledog, you may also need doggy counseling, so-to-speak, to help this kind of doggy deal with the death of THEIR ONE AND ONLY HUMAN 💔🐾. I have 4 of these dogs, and this bond, is absolutely ahhhhhhmazing. However, death of their person, how I got 2 of mine......took a year for them to "overcome" 🥺💔🐾.

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      It's so sad when pets don't understand what happened when their caretakers pass away. Just waiting for them to come home.

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      Amazing thanks Hope for Paws for help and save this beautiful girl now she is safe and happy under good care in the shelter.

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      thank you for rescuing Magic. She's beautiful

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      Magic at the beginning: GET OUT! This is my dirty hole under the porch! Magic at the end: Welcome to my home. This is my pool. You can swim if you want.

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      My husband & I took his mom’s rescue cat when she passed away. Then we rescued 4 kittens over the course of 4 years. They’re now, 11 & 7 (2 each). We’ve decided at our age, taking on kittens wouldn’t be fair after these 4 pass. They’d out live us. So we’re going to adopt senior cats who most likely wouldn’t get adopted to give them the comfort they deserve in their final years. Our niece has agreed to take them when we pass.

    91. dreamer beautiful

      Yeah, I'm all for you. We must keep in mind to take care of animals until the end when we decide to own a new animal as our family. In Japan, elder people are examined very carefully by animal shelter staff members even if the elders are eager to keep rescued dogs or cats. I joined the elder generation recently. I'm lonely and want to live dogs or cats together. However it's so difficult to live with even the age of saved dogs or cats are in elder group. I decide now if I want to take in some unfortunate pet but animal shelters investigate precisely once they know those who want to live together as a new family even if the age is 60 to 63. Magic must've panicked, confused since her owner were gone. So relieved she got another chance to be loved by her new owner family.

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      But who has been feeding her the whole time ??

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      Mybe I don't have much money...but where i can donate some money for this rescue channel... God bless you all for doing this for the animals...i so happy to see them run in happiness life again..


      Thank you💖

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      Thank you for continuing great work and a very important reminder

    100. Felecia Donelson

      Thank you for continuing great work and a very important reminder