Rescue at 122 degrees took two days to accomplish! 🥵

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    Mama Bear is a super-smart mom... she was not going to make it easy for me to save her and her family! She was hoping I would give up and go home, but here at #HopeForPaws we never give up!
    Every minute we don't have to spend on fundraising for these animals is a minute we're out there, saving lives. If you can, please join us with a small recurring donation here: - Just $5 from every viewer would help us save so many more animals!
    The real hero of this story is Buzz. This kind homeless man lives under this bridge for 6 years now, and when Mama Bear showed up, he invited her to join his little family with his dog Papa Bear. He even allowed her to give birth inside his tent so the puppies won't lay in the dirt.
    We gave Buzz some money so he can continue taking care of Papa Bear, and also to fix his bicycle. We also brought food, drinks, a couple of tents, and sleeping bags for him and his friends. We get to work quite often with the growing population of homeless people in our state, so if you have a sleeping bag or a tent you are not using, please consider donating them locally or you can send them to us and we will be happy to deliver them.
    Our mailing address is:
    Hope For Paws
    8950 W. Olympic Blvd #525
    Los Angeles, CA 90211
    We also have an Amazon Wishlist here - it's just terrible that they didn't even have a flashlight... it's not safe for them, and it wasn't safe for me to intrude like this after dark. If you would like to help, I am sure Buzz would really appreciate it:
    If you have any other suggestions as to what I should add to the list, please let me know... I will be more than happy to drive all the way back and deliver your donated items. Also, I would like to sit with Buzz and show him this video and the difference he made in their lives.
    Winter is coming, it gets extremely cold at night in the desert, and I just can't imagine how terrible it is to live life like this. It's so sad because I don't understand how would anyone be able to get out of homelessness.
    I am so happy I took my whole team with me - JoAnn Wiltz, Loreta Frankonyte, and Katie McKittrick because together we were able to accomplish this rescue safely.
    After an overnight stay at the hospital to make sure everybody is well and healthy, the whole family continued to their foster with our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue! They have so many cute animals for adoption, and you should definitely check them out:
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    Thank you so much!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Sierly Chang

      aweee the names are so cuteeee

    2. Chris M

      Wow. So the homeless people stay stranded as they watch the dog get rescued. The dog deserves it, but we have to do better as a society.

    3. Vonciel Russell

      The hardness and sadness for so many living a life of poverty

    4. Angel Juarez

      Que want puppy when you going when dogs when you going when you cuando aqui you want this going when you dog aqui you want this going when you going mama when you going mom when puppy when you going when you going when you going when could you when you going when you going when could this would going this when you going

    5. Bailey Shepherd

      I wanna have this job

    6. Valerie Martinez

      I love your rescue . because youtake the mom and pups to a foster home and show were the dogs go.

    7. Shazia Rebecca Ilyas

      Even though I am subscribed

    8. Shazia Rebecca Ilyas

      Sorry we can't donate right now because we are shifting in the new house

    9. Anthony Pickett

      We rescue animals but leave humans to waste away on the streets of LA. Has to be a way to get every living thing the help they need.

    10. Lillian Doody

      I almost feel bad for buzz because he loved the mom and the puppies🙁🥺 But it was the right choice

    11. Micah L

      Mama Bear looks so much like my dog who is a rescue that I had to triple check the date

    12. yanaa

      The dogs have an owner Owner -> Homeless Dog = Homeless

    13. Niek Grote

      It was so sad for buzz he doesnt have much en the onlything he loves gets away

    14. Socorro Maria

      Lindo. Paz

    15. Nevaeh Gordon

      im sorry i love you but you took her away from her entire famliy even papa bear D: :(

    16. Pete Tong

      I must say Eldad dealt with this whole situation amazingly... He was so aware of his could have been quite dangerous approaching people on their turf (especially on his own and with dogs barking and protecting their owner/area) but he explained who he was and asked if he could approach... He spoke to Tim with compassion and treat him like a human being which made the situation safe andhe got all the info he needed to come back the following day and rescue those cute puppies and their mother.. And bringing food..tents etc was a lovely kind touch ... An excellent communicator with everyone he comes into contact with... The girls were great too in unbearable heat... This was an incredible rescue and I have no doubt these beautiful little puppies n mother will get adopted quickly...... Best wishes from the UK.... I'll def have to donate this payday ... Great cause.....

    17. Alina P.

      What a voice ! What a man ! Are you married ?

    18. LiftOrGTFO

      Crazy how people are more inclined to help dogs/animals and not our own kind....

    19. Deanne Kroeger

      Thanks for saving the puppies and Mother and God bless you guys always ❤❤❤❤❤

    20. Faltastic

      i want polar bear

    21. SironNFuries

      What a crazy world where there is such support for dogs, people will walk miles to rescue homeless dogs, get them off the street, give them medical care, and into loving homes. Even the local workers were feeding the dog. But homeless people? Nope. It was lovely that the dog rescuer went so far out of his way to do stuff for the homeless gentlemen. But where is the agency specifically for helping the people on the streets get into loving, safe environments?

    22. Crimson Black

      Buzz was such a kind human. I was crying 😢 good luck to him and papa bear... 💜✌ You all did such an awesome job 👏 ❤

    23. Trinity Dawn

      I'm gonna be honest, most homeless people take better care of their dogs than lots of people who aren't homeless

    24. Matt

      This video is sad on so many levels, the fact that she was homeless and decided to join the homeless man and his dog, the fact that he and others and his dog are also homeless. No one should be homeless in this day and age, two or four legged. The way Hope For Paws dealt with this situation was very commendable. Everyone was treated with kindness, homeless people and animals.

    25. Gacha_Softie 13

      Tbh I’d rather take all of the dogs bc it’s not really safe for them to be there even if the men are homeless and own those dogs, but it’s not safe for all of those dogs (I haven’t watched all of it yet so you have full consent to roast me)

    26. Wayne Tee

      If you've got to chain your dog up to keep it around you may want to ask yourself if your dog likes you.

    27. Thao Tran

      Thank you Hope for Paws team and Buzz!

    28. Hugo Oñate

      Le doy gracias adiós por qué todavía ay personas buenas en el mundo 🙏 grasias por ayudar alos perritos donemos porfabor gracias lo que sea

    29. Sasha DeNeve

      Buzz has a haircut that makes me think he's a vet. Which makes this even sadder. This guy is living under a bridge....

    30. Codi Jo and Loreli

      Oh, Panda Bear... wish I could have made a home for Panda Bear! But I no longer can drive & I'm in Wyoming... to long of a drive. I appreciate what you do, it's so IMPORTANT!

    31. Im_Annabelle

      You are so wholesome and pure, not just helping dogs...also people! And giving people little bundles of joy!!

    32. Kody Palmer

      Give Buzz Momma back when the puppies are fine. He was taking great care of her, and she DIDN’T want to leave him

    33. Eliu Guerrero

      Waooooo!! Angel's is everywhere !!

    34. Paddie Morgan

      All they had was a tent under a pass🥺 yet they made room for Mama and her babies❤️❤️❤️

    35. jim s

      So much more goes into a rescue than we think we know. Tents, dog food and cheeseburgers for the group. Great public Image and awareness.

    36. Terry Davis

      Homeless humans have physical and mental problems and will stop taking their meds. Other people want to stay homeless and not abide rules. Families need a job a home food that makes meals not stuff other people don’t want. Dignity and so forth. Others are lazy and want the government to give them free stuff. I have been homeless with my child years ago and people helped but when we had a nice place and I got a job. I was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I Do take my medicine and my daughter is a mother now and is a strong woman with a house car and hopefully with a job. I am a veteran and my heart goes out to the men women and families.

    37. Yasmine Nazarine

      People talk about homeless they don't even heart to give $ to.them not even their own people own race Talk is cheap 🧐😳

    38. Yasmine Nazarine

      They're beautiful creaturs mercy to kind people rescue them & donate for them 🌻

    39. eurovision50

      I really hope Buzz gets back on his feet and can see his dog again, or maybe even readopt her. It was so heartbreaking how upset he was. Poor guy... All the best to him. :(

    40. RA1NM4N978

      Homeless people looking out for homeless dogs is truly the best thing ever. I wonder if there’s a go fund me page for these homeless men/woman who helped out these dogs. If there is a page up and running can anyone plz point me in the direction because I would love to help out and spread the word around to help out these people who definitely deserves the help.

    41. Rosa Vasquez

      God bless you!

    42. Jeanice Graves

      Let's hear it for Eldads balance and visual acuity. Three cheers. 🕊️🐶❣️❣️❣️How did you keep track of the black dog at twilight? Wow dude.

    43. Danish Moonrock

      you would think watching corporate media we humans are all killers. these videos show the opposite. human compassion. turn off the tv

    44. The Gohan Dog And Cats

      Wow They are so cute 😻

    45. Audrey Willow


    46. Spark Truth1123

      Excellent job!

    47. gc moss

      Omg! You guys are super heroes!⚡SHAZAM

    48. Sheila Blackwell

      And will sell the dogs

    49. Lol Sauce

      I get emotional at all these vids from you guys, but man, this one got me. Bless Buzz.

    50. Mia Crei


    51. The Ropes of Renovation

      Why can't Buzz keep mom?

    52. Jasmine Jennings

      This was so beautiful!

    53. Soledad Gonzalez

      Po que dejaron al papa, están lindos y felices sólo el pobre papa hace falta. Los felicitos por esa hermosa labor. Gracias 🙏

    54. David Cadman

      Horrible that you can't help Buzz. But I understand your an animal rescue organization, and there are few organization in California (or the USA) set up to help the Homeless. Praying for Buzz and his friends.

    55. Breezer Bell

      You guys are awesome! Saving the momma and her pups and giving the homeless food and money as well! Wish I could win the lottery and help all homeless beings! Human and pets....God bless you all!

    56. Hope Sings

      I pray those homeless people and their pets get a nice, safe home 😭 so beautiful how you treated them with respect, money, food, tents and DOG BED! 😭 but they should be out of 122 degree weather also!!! Can you please refer helpers to homeless people to go help them PLEASE?!?!?

    57. Christina Appadurai

      I love dogs they are best creatures god has created anything for them

    58. Angel Lopez

      "I'm intruding here" WTF????? these people are druggies that don't want to work who squat on public property and sometimes private property of other people without permission! This is the hell that people are allowed to and encouraged to be in, in these liberal cities with idiots like this guy! Guess what, if you don't work, you don't eat! And these dogs aren't being served any favors by living with these people on the streets.

    59. Latoya Andrä

      Super geil das Ihr Mutter und Babys gerettet habt !!!! Wie süß die kleinen sind würde jede Story so ein Happyend haben !! Ihr seit wundervoll ein danke an Euch alle !!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    60. Lucy Montgomery

      the puppies are so cute!

    61. 服部律子


    62. MustaffaCuppa

      Good rescue and thanks for helping the homeless. I wish it was 122 degrees in England right now.

    63. Skylar B.

      Buzz is such an amazing guy! Thank you for helping mama bear, puppies and Buzz.

    64. Michaela Mist

      You are very kind people I think the fact you rescued the dogs was awesome but to also recognise the situation with the gentleman who lived with them was a wonderful act of humanity and understanding. Thank you to you and your team its lovely we still have kind and gentle people in this world fantastic job guys

    65. thea holdevici

      Have you considered placing a GPS collar on her. If she bolts you won't lose her or the location of her den. Thank you for what you do!!

    66. Drew Garcia

      10:37 whattttt I wasnt looking🤣

    67. Brezza D'Estate

      Poor girl!

    68. Erika Luleå

      I know this is a late comment but this Homeless Person , may Allah/God bless him and make life easier for him. He has sooo Beautiful heart and soul. I do not know him but My soul loves him. :)

    69. Heather Taylor

      This video is a concentration of the human capacity for respect - the camp's respect for the dogs, the intervener's respect for everyone in the camp (which you REALLY don't see enough of lately) .... just warms my heart.

    70. Jeff Davies

      Oh god. Buzz (and all homeless like him) have such a hard life, yet he was willing to give up his pet and company in the interest of the welfare of the dog, and her puppies. It was so hard for him to do, he was crying yet he did it anyway. Beauty can be found in the most distressing of places. My heart goes out to Buzz, I hope he will be ok, but he still has his other dog for company at least.

      1. Jeff Davies

        @LJ Trains Thank you, didn't realise I'd left that in there. Edited it now.

      2. LJ Trains

        He has the other brown dog that was there

    71. Vamp Diva

      Just because they're homeless it doesn't mean they don't love or take care of their dogs.... A Homeless person's dog is family

    72. Tallouse

      You should leave mama bear with Buzz

    73. Ozzy Jax

      She is such a pretty girl

    74. Edna Norman

      I don't care how many months ago this was. This is amazing, and a truly beautiful video to be able to watch. They went out there, MULTIPLE TIMES, in 100+ degrees weather, to save innocent puppies and their mother. Honestly gives me shivers. I know no one will see this, but, you keep going Hope For Paws!! You saved so many puppers(and their parents) or just animals in general! Truly amazing.

    75. Anne B.

      My heart breaks for homeless people... if not for the circumstance they find themselves in they would be inside safe and warm. But I feel more compassion for homeless animals because they grow accustomed to human care and comfort and then get turned out into the streets. Human beings are cruel. They look at dogs and cats like wildlife that can fend for themselves easily. They can't. Many starved to death.

    76. Ali McKinnon

      I’m hoping to volunteer when I’m older but right now I’m 11 turning 12

    77. Harman Gulati


    78. T Collins

      Koala bear is my favourite what's your's?

    79. Audra Dewar

      There are people who would have said it is too freaking hot out there and never have done what your team did. God bless y’All!

    80. Doug C

      You guys do such wonderful work. I think we need to start a GoFundMe or something like that to get you guys a full size Ford or GM van with dual AC's for some of these rescues

    81. Kitty Kat

      Just cried... at so many aspects

    82. SirWegro

      If I didn't live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, I would most definitely adopt. 😓

    83. Kathryn Nguyen

      I'm so grateful for your perseverance to help this mama and get babies, as well as for your kindness and generosity to Tìm and Buzz. Thank you so much.

    84. Alva Syiemlieh

      crying puppies in a box got rescued mother was happy to see her puppies again

    85. Alexis Leritz

      Tim and Buzz are so sweet...

    86. Illiana Thrasher

      Omg 😥🐶

    87. Sandy

      We don't deserve these angels, but, GOD has loved us enough to send us a loyal friend. It is unfortunate we treat one another like trash! It's even more tragic these babies are caught in the middle!! God bless you all!!

    88. Trey James

      homeless people are kinder than everyday people that walk bye these poor animals that are in bad situations atleast call a rescue play dont just walk bye

    89. E. S.

      Que maravilloso ese señor sin techo. Dios lo cuide y ayude.

    90. Sophia Singh

      an alternative to taking all the puppies and Mama bear is that they could've taken Mama bear back to the homeless shelter after the puppies were weaned which would have been less sad :(

      1. Sophia Singh

        @Sheila Boston Ohhh that makes sense. But don't people want their dogs to get pregnant? Like I thought spaying only protected them against infections.

      2. Sheila Boston

        I read in another comment that they did take Mama Bear back - I guess they probably spayed her as well, so Buzz won't have any more puppies to worry about.

    91. Naima de la feunte

      The pupys are cute

    92. Vidavita2 una genia. Vita

      Dejaron al pobre perro atado y solo,lo tendrian q haber llevado.

    93. twiggyjali

      This homeless man has more responsibility and integrity than so many people with homes and jobs and means to care for their pets that just dump them like trash :(

    94. Sophia Singh

      my dream is to one day help them with a rescue

    95. Kate Bates

      Eldad..thank you 😊

    96. yf Chau


    97. droclinic

      Rescue the people not the dogs otherwise we all fail

    98. Muadib223

      I've been watching your videos for years, with both joy and sadness... After watching this one, my only thought is about who takes care of abandoned people after your visit to the homeless camp... Your a good man Eldad...

    99. Caitlin Morrissey

      Someone give this man a job at Hope For Paws!