Rescue of a senior dog by the freeway could have gone horribly wrong!

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    Max could have ran in any direction he wanted, but he knew that the chance of dying that day was real!
    I am so grateful to Danhy Drago for texting me about this rescue, for finding the exact location (it wasn't simple), and for joining me on this mission. It was cute to see a text reading "If anyone can rescue this dog, that's you" 😊
    It was cool to have other neighbors join the effort at the end!
    Lately the whole #HopeForPaws team has spent quite a lot of time in sewers and storm drains... i'm not sure what's up with that. The previous video I posted was also in the sewer:
    and another recent one with Loreta:
    and another one with JoAnn:
    and one with Terri from Foxy and the Hounds:
    I hope you will enjoy all of them :-)
    Please do me a favor, call your vet and make sure the information on your pet's microchip is current (address, phone numbers, emails, etc). Trust me, you don't want to scramble and figure it out should an emergency come up. Being prepared is the best!
    #DogRescue #SewerRescue

    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Boxer Delta

      😭😭😢Final 😂👌

    2. Sunita R

      I have a doubt 🧐🧐

    3. Robin Apps

      Happy he made it home.xxxxx



    5. dehebhbnejnwe

      Eldad you're a hero 👌

    6. Howard Beale

      He didn’t seem too happy to be home. I wonder if he didn’t run away from a bad situation and not fireworks.

    7. Valerie C.


    8. Jeniffer Brandt

      Didn't see Max a bit happy to return home...

    9. qbradq

      Eldad you are so boss crawling through sewers to save animals. I could never do that.

    10. Krishna Ben

      Thank you very much for rescuing poor dog, God bless you all .🙏🙏🙏🙏🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶👋👋👋👋

    11. Esprit_Tikky

      Sry but something is wrong..he dt seems happy at all to comeback home...(i save animals too) i hope i m wrong....🤔

    12. Derrik

      I hate fireworks, we keep our dogs inside during 4th of July and New Years for this exact reason. I don't care who you are, or if you've done a great many things in life, if you're the firework type of person, I have zero respect for you, because knowingly partaking in an act where this could be the result makes you a shitty person.

    13. CA2SD

      💔I’m sorry but he didn’t seem happy nor the owners seem grateful for all the hard work. Maybe it was just not captured. What an amazing courageous job you guys do.🙌🏻

    14. LisaR777

      I'm always amazed at how few of these dogs are aggressive. Glad to see this gentle dog was not injured from his fireworks scare, and returned to his home.

    15. Awakeinidy

      Max didn’t seem happy to be home. Hopefully it’s a good home.

    16. Tengah OFFICIAL

      Eldad, you're a hero! :D

    17. Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

      freeway rescues have to be the most dangerous and nerve-wracking situations. Your calm demeanor and experience speak for themselves! Thank you so much for rescuing this boxer.

    18. Allison

      He is so clam. He may be vegetarian.

    19. Rio Henry

      Fireworks should be banned

    20. Ruthi makoff

      We3ll done Eldad and co.

    21. Robyn Blake

      Great effort! Shout out for the volunteers!

    22. Heart Broken Kitsune

      I thought some random person was sing in the sewers.... I was like wth is that at first

    23. Inosha Pathirage


    24. george george

      I still can't figure out why people don't microchip their animals. It's so easy, and there's places that do it for free or low cost.

    25. winder zhao

      According to Eldad every animal is a good boy or girl no matter what. We all should live with that mindset while also being safe.

    26. Sherry Roberts

      It NEVER ceases to amaze me the true heart all of you have to save these animals. How freaking dangerous this mission was! BRAVO!! With all that crawling in those sewer lines, I'm surprised Eldad doesn't come down with some illness!

    27. angryadrien

      What a stressful but successful situation

    28. Robin Harris

      Boxer dogs are the best and that sweet old gray faced boy!!

    29. Deena K

      Its not the right home if his parents left him outside to be scared of fireworks. ALL PET OWNERS NEED TO KEEP THEIR PETS INDOORS WHEN THERE ARE FIREWORKS.....SHAME ON THAT FAMILY.....

    30. Deena K

      Awesome job Aldad..... but a pit bull jumped its fence and bit my baby 4 lb Yorkie and killed it instantly.... sorry, id o not like pit bulls at all.

    31. Moises Ruiz

      Cuando se quiere hacer algo bueno para los animalitos,no hay impedimento para los rescatistas. Voluntad PURA.

    32. Jacob Ellis

      lol that singing while crawling threw the sewer. I would of begged for her to stop now he had to deal with spiders and psychological fear.

    33. ONLY CHEMISTRY By Deepalika

      Daring job did by these peoples👏👏

    34. Lynne Trathen

      Oh no!! no way am I crawling through that 😂😂 well done 👍

    35. auttie

      God bless you for everything that you do! I was able to donate and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I highly encourage everyone to donate. Imagine if all the subscribers here would just donate five dollars! It would it do so much for this organization.

    36. Rose

      he reminds me of the old boxer that my family used to have. he was SUPER gentle and loving, amazing with kids and was trained as a therapy dog; he would go to the library and kids who struggled with reading could read to him, I'm sure there were other things he did but this was when I was like 7 so I don't remember a lot. definitely miss him 😢

    37. Lisa Craigo

      Im glad to see that he is safe keep doing this because its amazing

    38. Ann clark

      U GUYS R THEE BEST EVER, GOD BLESS U ALL!!!🤗😍😘🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    39. dreamer beautiful

      I always think all pet owners should keep in mind fireworks are so scared to death to their pets, especially dogs. All animal shelters should e-mail the fact in advance whenever the fourth of July, Independence celebration is just around the corner. I'm so happy he returned safely to his dearest mom safely.

    40. Samantha mother of cats

      What a sweet boy, so glad he had a family that didnt give up on him and took him back.

    41. Wolfie_CatLover

      Man we she started singing.. I thought I was going to get murdered! That was so creepy

    42. Zilelinho Officiel

      Power of 💚 👏 🇲🇦

    43. Alex Xela

      I'm so relieved he had a home! I love this dog!

    44. 鉄平


    45. quinndamighty

      This dude is mah frickle frekkin hero. I so badly wanna help when i get older

    46. Antoine ZS

      Grasias por rescatalo Maria luz petru

    47. Alexandre S.

      Judging by how the kid and the women reacted I still wonder if the dogs ok 1month later... Even the dog reaction doesn't seem legit... Compare to dog welcoming soldier home like even if the dog's old his reaction to a loving familly would have been different.. I don't trust them at all . Still love the video good work to you and your crew.

    48. brenda faver

      why don't you bring hamburgers anymore?

    49. Rosa Deia

      Que gente más MARAVILLOSA!! Con cuanto cariño rescatan a los pobres animalitos. MARAVILLOSOS!!!!🤗🤗😙😙😙😍😍😍

    50. Payom Panichagorn


    51. Amber Collins

      How would a grown dog be in a sewage ? I think it is helpful to know a lil story or what Eldad knows how can a dog get there ? Kitty because falls thru road drain , but , how a big dog ?

    52. Porter Roth

      God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️❤️

    53. Linda Burt

      I have a Boxer mix and I can tell if she's happy, sad, nervous just by looking at her eyes. When I saw Max's sad brown eyes I just about started bawling. Thankfully he got to go home.

    54. Respect to Bikers

      5:10 somehow I started to panic as I heard the “singing” 😪 you know which movie I mean 😅

    55. Maurice Powers


    56. Adelyn fish

      your videos make me so happy thank you for making the world a better place

    57. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Awwww 🥰🥰

    58. ssssssss

      I am SO GLAD that this rescue ended with a happy ending. It’s so amazing to see pets get back to their owners. Please, people, if you can please MICROCHIP YOUR PETS!

    59. Zahir Abbas Mogul

      Man u r very brave and a very kind hearted human being to in that tunnel just seeing the video i was getting safocated...

    60. Kiko Mac

      Hmmm looked real happy to be home....

    61. Charla Meengs

      i watch aton of ur vids and u keep on earning alot of money, keep up the good work!

    62. yes2day100

      Man endangered his life for sure on those freeways. Props.

    63. IM IM


    64. Heikki Remes

      Good work

    65. Sensual ASMR


    66. Sibapada Das

      This man can get anywhere to save a dog

    67. Ezway Ocho

      When he saw his owner though... He was like, "meh" 😒 😳

    68. Nidhi Bhandari

      Love and care for you poor old dog.

    69. Jamier Hull

      He thx hooman🙂

    70. Carol Vasconcellos

      Fico pensando se alguem da familia nao abandonou de propósito só por ser idoso 😭 Parabens pelo resgate! Voces sao demais! 👏👏👏👏❤

    71. Terree Moore

      just sent all of u....

    72. Terree Moore

      i cry at all the rescues u all do.. but they are for happy tears... i so admire u all for what u do for all the street dogs u help..and the ones that get lost from their people... bless u all from the bottom of my heart.. i wish more people was like u...


      You guys are amazing!!! I always got goosebumps when I see how u rescue animals. Thank god that are still good people exists in this planet.

    74. Martyna S.

      This dog is so traumatized ... shocking. He can barely accept his previous owners..

    75. maya farran


    76. Francia Lua

      I love happy endings.

    77. DogeGamerBRAH


    78. Elisa Clark

      I'm sorry but I'm going to say it... that bummed me out. His owners didn't seem glad to see him and he sure didn't look happy to see them. He even ducked when the boy reached to pat his head. He's always been timid and shy? With his family? Of 8 years? Poor Max. Hey if Max's owners see this, I'll take him. I'm not judging, I realize not everybody's dogs are their life but he looks like he should be somebody's. He'll be mine and have a wonderful life with lots of love and attention and regular visits to my awesome vet. If I'm wrong and he isn't always that sad then I apologize. But if he is... Just notify me by responding to this post. ✌

    79. Barbara Rosas

      Wow they have a big heart🥺

    80. aznboycols

      Ooh...I wish he hadn't mentioned spider webs....I'm getting that itchy feeling.

    81. Visfor Vegan

      How many of these videos have I watched that the dogs team off because of fireworks?

    82. Visfor Vegan

      I was hoping he was microchipped when I saw his tail has been docked. I knew he had an owner at some point. He's had a tough life. He can live it out on peace.

    83. Paul Allen

      He doesnt look to pumped to see his owners. Hope it all works out for him.

    84. Muscles Mouse

      Eldad really works so hard.

    85. Jay Lee

      Her singing made this feel like a horror movie......

    86. Sarah Louise

      Boxers are my heart breed. What a wonderful rescue 💕

    87. Naz Kaye

      Omg this just melts your heart. A lost dog returned to his family. He was so great full.

    88. MzYoShow

      Help me understand something. Why do I cry while watching these rescues? Only Eldad rescues have me in tears.

    89. HappyComfort

      Awesome 😎

    90. A B

      He’s sooo cute !!

    91. A B

      So dangerous! For the dog and the rescuers!

    92. Maurice Tucker

      Home at last! Thanks Hope For Paws ! God bless you all for caring !!

    93. Bean Boomz

      i am suuuuuuuppppppeeerrrr claustrophobic and i got claustrophobic watching this

    94. Solène C.


    95. tamara beinlich

      Poor old man. Geez I hate it when people dump their old dogs. TY Eldad for saving him.

      1. tamara beinlich

        Aww he wasn't dumped! So glad he got to go home!

    96. Sliver Halo

      One day I am going to get a dog from hope for paws

      1. John Grace

        For what it's worth. We 'rescued' a new dog (our 2nd) from a shelter several months ago. The 'new' dog was a senior who had spent 7 years in a kennel down south before being transported to the northeast in a last ditch effort to get him adopted out. His transformation from timid to learning how to be a dog again has been nothing short of fantastic. He may be with us only a few more days or years but his new-found personality is nothing short of fantastic to be around. Adopting a rescue animal is great...

    97. Sliver Halo

      I love him

    98. Sliver Halo

      Awww adorable

    99. Teresa T

      Poor sweet old man, Im so happy he got to go back home

    100. 2fortheloveofgod

      Thank You 😊 ✝️🛐