This rescue video begins on the streets and ends in the pacific ocean!

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    We couldn't get this injured dog, but then unexpected help arrived! It was so cool to see this amazing turn of events on this rescue. Rene Valencia, the young hero, made all the difference here! :-)
    Leslie suffered from a terrible fracture to her leg, but luckily, we have Dr. Antonio Pedraza and the amazing team at CARES to make miracles happen.
    If you can, please join us with a small donation and help us save more lives: - The average donation we receive is $12 and so many of our donations are monthly $5 contributions that all add up and make all these rescues happen.
    It's Thanksgiving tomorrow and I wanted to say THANK YOU for donating, sharing, watching the ads on our videos, liking the video, and subscribing to our channel - all these things help us so much!
    Over the weekend I'll do another LIVE STREAM where I'll be happy to answer your questions. Please make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you'll know when we're on ;-)

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. mizgina522

      For the life of me, I can't ever understand why anyone would thumb down these rescue videos. Your work is showing the best of humanity and should be applauded. Whoever isn't content to see these rescues should focus their attention elsewhere.

      1. David Maguigan

        Trolls trying to get a reaction because they are too lazy to do something with their life. The dog life now is better than they ever could have

      2. captain mostafa

        Or maybe USfilm just put some bots to dislike videos tk show that nothing is perfect🤷‍♂️

      3. Minecraft Madison

        Think of there other vid of rescuing puppies who treat each other as family who would most likely be separated

      4. Minecraft Madison

        @Jim Perry yes

      5. Jim Perry

        the ratio is usually balanced wahyon the thumbs up side. I ignore it. everybody has an opinion of some sort.

    2. Candida p

      What kind of moron takes a dog in the water without a life vest?

    3. Angry Doggy

      I can understand how people can dislike dogs, but putting in the effort to dislike this video? That’s on another level.

    4. Zane

      shes so cute disney could make a movie about her.

    5. Zane

      Like how many open spots can jeans have...

    6. Jeanice Graves

      Someone needs to make a doggy life jacket.

    7. Denise Jeronimo

      Love guys

    8. Jen H

      Rene Valencia and family are amazing. I know they would love to adopt her but they knew it'll cost money. At least they helped her out. What kind of Dog is Leslie? So beautiful

    9. Sonja R

      These happy ending videos warm the heart!

    10. Dung Nguyen


    11. Jim Perry

      she needs to be dressed like a superhero with that mask. Great ending!

    12. Vanderleia Arruda Torres

      Polica polica polica não polica não

    13. Megann Juliee

      I'm feeling this veryyy fishyy THOSE PEOPLE are the owners they didn't want leslie any more and leslies bond with them tells it all :( but glad hope for paws got her

    14. catloverlady1961 Brown

      What a wonderful dog God wanted this baby to have a wonderful life people that loved her that could help her get off the street. A wonderful organization to Foster and do all the medical needs and then to find her a terrific family. This dog's life has been transformed and her mommy's too. I know I did dog rescues kept them my world was blessed by them now I do cat rescues136+ counting new homes 4 in my home and feed 13 everyday what a blessing I live a purposeful life.yeah


      Many blessings for my angles “ hope for paws”

    16. Fulcrum

      She literally just wanted to say goodbye to the kids.

    17. christy rickets

      Plus that doggy hart hope you get a amazing home 🏡🏡🏡☹️

    18. Anita bakker

      So happy Leslie is safe❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

    19. Alba Maria

      Esa pequeñita aún sigue triste, necesita mucho más cariño.

    20. Dave Bielke

      1 beautiful baby rescued = a whole lot of Happy people, we all Love her

    21. jjf609

      Your doctor at CARES is amazing. Not so much in this case but others, when most doctors would amputate, your doctor can repair difficult cases. I am really impressed with Dr. P and the HFP rescue team.

    22. Valerie C.


    23. LunaMoon

      This was posted on my birthday, and im happy it was,

    24. Sophia Wiltshire

      Me:smiles Rescuer: I like this trap Me:what did you just say?😡😡😡😡😠😠😠

    25. Eileen Shea

      Look how fast that car was driven!!!! Leslie is lucky and so are all the dogs rescued from that neighborhood.

    26. Bob

      It would be nice to add to the video by taking her back to the family that initially cared for her

    27. Shelley Twigg

      i love your vids

    28. wølfySëánxpai

      She is beautiful

    29. Ninjalette

      the person filming at the end coulda made the dog jump out of the kayak, whistling and talking to a dog like that will get most dogs to move..... anyone speaks to my dog in a high pitched tone like that and he gets deadly excited and turns into an idiot, maybe try not talking to all dogs like they are 2yr olds....

    30. The Unicornwhoisapuddle

      I love you guys I appreciate you a lot I would love to work with you one day you have inspired me to carry on with my dream job which is saving animals and giving them a better home so thank you keep up the great work

    31. Gogogirl

      No thumbs down but it would be good to see a life vest on the doggie. You never know...

    32. liana tobias

      I could read in He's eyes: happiness


      The evanescent wilderness alternately copy because tadpole endogenously jog per a alleged cord. gaping, drunk trapezoid

    34. JustBe

      What a beautiful, gentle dog - thank you for helping her.

    35. Tojo Melville

      Lovely dog. Shame family wouldn’t keep her . (Leslie is the male spelling and Lesley is the female)

    36. Channah Castelobranco

      The important thing is that she got a grate loving home. I suppose that the famely that found her are happy to know that they helpt her, to get to a home, even if they couldn't keep her them selfs are very happy for her.🐶

    37. Channah Castelobranco


    38. Mavro Syvannah

      She loved the little boy in blue. I hope they get to see each other again.

    39. sharon hall

      What a sweet girl. She loves her bath. She is the perfect companion. You all are amazing. Thank you so very much for the work you do. 🐶❤️🐕

    40. Krishna Ben

      Dog is so cute and sweet... 🐶🐶😃😃😃😃🐶🐶🐶🐶

    41. Pam Farr

      I wish I had all the money in the world to spread out among all the people like you. Helping them and families that are in need are the most important thing in this world. Thank you for all that you do.

    42. Babayani

      Yağmur Basan'a teşekkürler ve sevgiler ❤

    43. Prasetyo Farida

      Where is loreta???

    44. contenderbp

      Dog who won’t staring at Loretta

    45. Sandy Small

      The gorgeous snowplow elderly heal because frost aesthetically strap within a pumped girl. jolly, valuable citizenship

    46. Gek Ngo Tan

      Its a real pity that the family couldn't adopt him when the children seem fond of Leslie. So sad for Leslie to be separated from them.

    47. Arthur Boeensch

      Just how gorgeous can some people be!

    48. Trần Thế

      Thanks u safe precious tiny kitten God bless u 🙏🙏 u did a great job well 👍👏👏 he is so cute and adorable angle 😘🐈 u gave me a new life thanks 👍🙏👏

    49. Ian Stewart Orr

      Leslie my love from scotland to you and you rescuers 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    50. David Ebert

      It is sad that she could not stay with her ‘founding’ family. Her tail was wagging happily when she was with that one young man. But, if she gets a happy home, it’s all good.

    51. TOP 7 KIDS

      dear lord this evil.kills me l cant believe what l see she is so small.please let her be ok.These vets are earths Angels

    52. Tran The Cutest

      She was GORGEOUS before her make over, those ears & eyes are just heart melting.

    53. Trần Thế

      Remind me never to play poker with Loretta. Not with her sleight of hand movements. LOLHappy holidays to everyone at Hope For Paws.

    54. Tran The Clever

      I love hope for paws! They do so much for the animals they rescue!

    55. Tran The Clever

      his condition was really bad

    56. Trần Thế

      This poor little guy must of been abandoned, he was too friendly to be a stray. Thank goodness that sewage company was there, I would hate to think if they weren't there at the right time and place what would of happen to Beethoven. God bless everyone involved in rescuing sweet precious Beethoven. 🐱🐱🥰🥰🙂🙂

    57. TOP 7 KIDS

      Thank you for saving the sweet kitty.Please let us know if he improves 😿💗😿

    58. TOP 7 KIDS

      Merry Christmas Hope for paws!!🎅

    59. TOP 7 KIDS

      That breaks my heart brings tears down my cheeks bless his little heart he still alive poor little guy I hope you get better little guy with all my love Tammy

    60. Tran The Clever

      I hope whomever adopts him gives him a few weeks to settle in and feel safe. He looks like he needs to decompress from the crazy life on the streets. Bless all of the people involved in this rescue. You are amazing.

    61. Tran The Clever

      No entiendo Victor. Porque la gente ahora dudan de ti? Eres uno de los mejores rescatadores de animales. Porque la gente duda? Besos de Mallorca 💓💓💓

    62. Auspicious Cloud


    63. Tran The Cutest

      Too many people don't realize the trouble they caùse by not spaying and neutering their pets. This dog lucked out.

    64. Trần Thế

      Too many people don't realize the trouble they caùse by not spaying and neutering their pets. This dog lucked out.

    65. Tran The Clever

      God bless all the souls involved in this. Thank you very much for sharing this we need more such examples in this wicked world

    66. Jamie Lee Ashton


    67. 吉田和子


    68. Jessica Hubbard

      Awe. So sad the family couldn’t take her, she loved them so much. Hoping she finds a home with kids! Awe, well not a home with kids but hopefully just as happy home!

    69. siiiri ously

      so cute!

    70. TOP 7 KIDS

      Oh my gosh how horrible and cruel. That little face has seen so much sadness. You can look into their eyes and know they haven’t been shown real love. If you won’t take care of an animal the why in the heck get one. There are so many mean cruel stupid.,uncaring,heartless people in this world and treats these beautiful animals so bad.All those animals ask for is to love you and you love them. They are so loyal and will give back all love to you. They ask for nothing in return except love me and give me a good home, and food..

    71. Tran The Cutest

      Thank you for saying. God bless you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    72. Tran The Clever

      Little twix is so cute , I wish he could get well soon

    73. Stayin’ Sane

      Beautiful pup, love happy endings.

    74. Aliyah Khamis

      Her smiles in the bath make me so happy

    75. Nanette mersereau

      She’s beautiful 😻

    76. xJaidenTheBlackCat

      This is too heart breaking.... ALL OF U GIVE THIS CHANNEL SUPPORT PLEASE!

    77. Trevor Austin

      The Valencias are a lovely family. They looked after Leslie when sh had nowhere to go and for that they are to be commended.

    78. Fabian Corrales gonzalez


    79. Prathik Raja Prathik

      Thank u so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    80. leslie browne

      My question is why the family couldn't adopt??? Is it too expensive? Someone is allergic?? What?

    81. Kate song

      Omg this is the sweetest rescue I’ve ever seen

    82. Carol Kristian

      Such a beautiful rescue! 👍🥰❤😇🙏❤

    83. Anonimx

      Thank you for saving them

    84. Christena Walker

      I hope she found a home with kids this dog really likes kids!

    85. Indrani Roy

      Beautiful 😍. God bless her foster mum ❤️

    86. The Blue Hotel

      She's a very affectionate girl. ❤️ She bonded with the Valencia family in just a week.

    87. Ante Photography


    88. Rayssa Kawaii Desenhos

      eu amo esse canal sou BR

    89. Ricky Bachman

      That lucky leash will sit in a museum one day.

    90. Ricky Bachman

      Guys, seriously. Can’t you just think a little? 98% of the dislikes are misinterpreting the buttons purpose. No need to argue with this comment, it’s correct. Are there some who just go against the grain and/or enjoy animals in peril? Yes. But they’re the outliers. Period.

    91. Human nimals

      this family has been chosen of this beautiful dog...I just hope they will accept her to be a part of their family. bless tge doctor who done her successful surgery. I am so happy to witness successful rescue that these good hearted people do. you are the real hero of many gentle beings on earth.

    92. Linda Norris


    93. Sm765 Snow Day

      How could anyone abandoned such a sweet dog?she found at least loving home. Great

    94. L N

      Probably the only time in life when a cage actually means freedom 🌅💕

    95. purrrrson


    96. Hendrika Sunqrout

      I get so happy when foster parents adopt these babies! They don't get uprooted and passed on. Thank you!!!

    97. StephOnDemand _

      Wasn't even a ducking ocean smh

    98. Hans Felsh

      Who TF are the 108 (currently) people who downvoted this video????

    99. Sandra Lutz-Rodriguez

      so grateful for the family that looked out for Leslie! she has the best home now!